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short intro which i'll pin here:

hey! im a trans anarchist communist in so-called canada. pronouns are she/her. i post stuff i read here sometimes.

check my bio for my twitter, im much more "myself" there.

For those who have experienced this (I hope not many of you),

Have you ever felt that you've fallen out of love because of depression?
Did you stay with them or break it off?
Do you currently regret the decision you made?

I'm at a crossroads. I need some insight

violence, the state, politics nerd post 

“The state calls its own violence law, but that of the individual, crime.” - Max Stirner :anarchism:


Left side:
Income: Over 50 thousand pounds per annum
ID: Four wealthy persons smoking and drinking champagne shouting "Hooray!", "Yah!", and "OK? YAH!!"
Poll tax: 500 pounds

Right side:
Income: Under 5 thousand pounds per annum
ID: Various persons, one in a wheelchair, pouting. Some have their arms crossed.
Poll tax: 500 pounds

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reading old anarchist federation stuff on the poll tax in thatcher-era britain (1988)

ebegging, withdrawal from meds 

Hey y’all! Thanks for the shares and donations on my last post. It’s started work (finally) but I won’t be paid till next week. Meanwhile, it’s been out of antidepressants for about two weeks now and it’s really starting to feel the withdrawals. It doesn’t have insurance so it has to pay out of pocket to see someone at Goodrx telehealth or urgent care to get a refill. Please please share or donate if you can! Thank you!

Cashapp/venmo/PayPal: gigavinyl

#transcrowdfund #donationposts #MutualAidRequest


i think something's wrong with me. i keep choking on water and other drinks. ow

learning how to roll my Rs so I can do the best fake italian accent

Stop me if you've had this conversation before
"Consensus processes are authoritarian"
"What happened?"
"The people mediating proposed something I disagreed with"
"So what did you say?"
"Consensus is authoritarian... That's why I joined the PSL"

Us hack, critical infra, doom and collapse 

A water treatment facility in FL had remote controlling software installed with no limits on who could connect via the network and reused passwords. There are tons of things like this controlling critical infrastructure all over, especially water and power.

These are being targeted by state actors and Nazi terrorists. These will fail. People who are most marginalized will be hurt first as the system collapses.

You want to know what a really looks like? It looks like 9 million tons of coal. It looks like all the long hours of underpaid work mining that coal. It looks like the miner who just died in a mining accident. It looks like children breathing the polluted air from the power plant burning that coal. It looks like the person dying of cancer from breathing that polluted air. It looks like mountains of useless and obsolete Antminers. It looks like ecological collapse. That’s your Bitcoin.

i follow back, as is respectful on the twitterverse, but at this point i'm just waiting for my follower count to tank once they realize that i badmouth demsocs and marxists -~-

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anyway if any twitter-using anarchists wanna follow and offset my pain and suffering i have the twitter link on my profile

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