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short intro which i'll pin here:

hey! im a trans anarchist communist in so-called canada. pronouns are she/her. i post stuff i read here sometimes.

check my bio for my twitter, im much more "myself" there.

He means us more when he says this, And this is my response to him: "Fuck around, find out. You're the one being violent in the first place and we'll crack down on your liberal extremism whenever your acts of liberal extremism causes harm."


Tfw the spirit of American hegemony exits the body of the previous president, leaving just a husk as it searches for it's new host.

ha ha i have discarded the foolish trappings of religion! *religious ideology reproduces itself in the secular realm* ah shit! ah fuck

filing a dmca takedown against the human mind which can be used to process copyrighted thoughts

Might read The Ecology of Freedom by Bookchin. After seeing it mentioned/cited several times in Anarchist Federation pamphlets/books I've read, it seems interesting.

Just a preview of how liberals will continue to not be measurably "less evil" at all.

Eventually, I aspire to jolt some people out of their unaware tennis match world. For now, I'm seeing the most bullshit and venting while trying to teach myself.
Being caught between identifying the causes, and not yet feeling equipped enough for action, is a phase that lasts too long for comfort. But, it must be that way.

every time i see Females in a book shop i get so pissed lmao

I'm really quite a fan of social ecology's criticism of technology. I see this pop up a lot in Anarchist Federation's works, which is always nice.

If a cop visits you, don't keep it to yourself
If an agent visits you or you are questioned while being detained or arrested, don't keep it to yourself. Police want us to feel isolated and ashamed, by sharing information we can better prepare ourselves and our networks for repression and stop the spread of rumors.
If an agent is questioning you, at home, while under arrest, or while detaining you:
-Don't tell them anything beyond your name, date of birth, and address. If put under pressure you can say "I don't have anything to say, I want to speak to a lawyer" or "I will not be answering any questions without talking to a lawyer first."
-Ask to speak with a lawyer.
-Try to remember the questions they ask you.
-Ask for their card, so that you can share their name, position, and agency they work for.
After the encounter:
-Tell your friends and comrades.
-Contact an anti-repression organization or lawyer to better protect yourself.
-Make a public statement about what happened to inform others and squash any misinformation. Anti-repression organizations can help you write one. You don't need to sign your name, it's fine to be anonymous.
The police already know what moves they make, while trying to keep us in the dark. There's no point in keeping what they do a secret, when we spread information about their activities, it only makes us stronger and better equipped to make informed choices.
Up Against The Law Legal Collective (484) 758 0388
Philly Anti-Repression Fund (267) 460 1886

so, we're entering the last moments that mastodon has before i go on my "dreadlocks are only for black people" tirade


NEW: Video extracted from Parler shows surreal police stand-down on east side of Capitol just before crowd entered building. A close look at bewildering moment - plus how to examine EXIF data from leaked Parler videos 👇


hrt, photo of hrt medication 

ID: photo of tablet bottle labelled "cyproterone 50mg"

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hrt, photo of hrt medication 

cypro obtained

taken with 3ds camera because i have nothing else :(

“Imagine supporting the architect of mass incarceration and elevating him to the head of the most powerful anti-Black nation in the world while pretending to support Black lives?” - caption and image from @radical.seattle

“Support Talib Atunde’s Legal Fund
gofundme link
His court date Feb 17 2021
I am calling for us to join forces to help one of our brothers who has been present on the frontline fighting for our people. Its time to support him by assisting with the funds for an adequate legal team. He will be tried in court soon for providing security in a PEACEFUL demonstration for black, white and brown people alike, in North Carolina, and needs our help !!!“

(Via Fred Hampton Gun Club)

On this day, 14 January 1930, Albrecht "Ali" Höhler - who was a gangster and militant of the German Communist Party's paramilitary organisation the Roter Frontkämpferbund, shot Horst Wessel, a unit leader of Berlin's Nazi stormtroopers (SA). Wessel was raised to the position of martyr by the Nazis, while Höhler was sentenced to six years in jail, only to be dragged out and killed once the Nazis came to power.

(Vía:Working Class History)

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