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Continued details~ 

I am undiagnosed and because i am still learning, id rather say i relate to the symptoms of these cause labels don't matter anyway

and i hope to find people like me on here that also need friends 😊

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Ok Ok hi im a baby i have a lot of tatttoos and im in survival mode.
ED (self)recovered

i dont know what title fits me but i was raised by a racist and have held values like accountability and compassion since i was little and i feel like (status quo) is starting to get it
My time is spent self educating online and trying to hold a routine long enough to hold me til my next episode.. oh and i overshare

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@makegodgayagain i'm an unhealed trauma bb whose found refuge in social media communities once before and hasn't let go of the search for a platform to embody that sense of community again. my interests include transformative justice, disability justice, abolition of all forms of policing and punitive punishment, rejecting the binary, and finding my chosen family! i also want to have my own instance eventually but as a spoonie, well it's on my list 😅

i really got so excited for this platform and then abandoned it oof

stuck in a loop of nothing matters. deep down i'm livid that i'm not in a position to be as involved in movement work as i want to be. and by position i mean the lack of power i have in my own life.

Honestly not going to waste my time and energy engaging with folks who genuinely don't care about social issues.

And you should too.

Put yourself first.

For every person who found out tonight or will in the coming days that they aren't getting a check again, I want you to remember that your existence matters, no matter what happens in the coming days, weeks, or months. You matter. Your existence matters.

Please use #MutualAid if you need to. I'll keep boosting and help when I can. <3

“When I advise, “Don’t do anything that isn’t play!” some take me to be radical, even insane. I earnestly believe, however, that an important form of self-compassion is to make choices motivated purely by our desire to contribute to life rather than out of fear, guilt, shame, duty, or obligation. When we are conscious of the life-enriching purpose behind an action we take, when the sole energy that motivates us is simply to make life wonderful for others and ourselves, then even hard work has an element of play in it. Correspondingly, an otherwise joyful activity performed out of obligation, duty, fear, guilt, or shame will lose its joy and eventually engender resistance.”

Marshall B. Rosenberg, Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life

suicidal ideation 

i try not to drive off the road when i remember i married a cis...

Oh, you've read theory? I've read 10000 instagram infographics

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