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Freedom may be our highest ideal, but it is an empty freedom. This idea of freedom must be filled with deeds, with vision and building of conditions that lead to better consequences.

Update from the cornland:

They’s white shit all over everything. It’s crunchy and cold. Ne’er seen the likes in Georgia.

And I think the corn’s dead.

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We’ve all got a part to play in reshaping the world. Some of us are skirmishers, some of us are proselytizers, some of us are organizers, some of us are medics, some of us are funders. Every effort is interconnected, and the goal is the same. Be proud of your role and your work, but don’t shit on another’s efforts — they are just as vital as yours.

And of “Left Unity” … well, there are a lot of traps out there designed to draw us back into the fold of politics and law. Disagree, but cooperate.

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I'm buying the first house of my solidarity community by the end of 2022, regardless of how much money I raise in donations, and will be seeking folks who share my dream and want to be a part of living it. to learn more.

The State isn’t going to kick itself out, and snuggling up to capitalists just so we can get “ours” while alienating and vilifying those who are not union only creates more angry confusion and error — we need the IWW.

We need revolution.

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I left the trade union of which I have been a part for 4 years in order to commit myself fully to the Catholic Worker and the IWW.

…and maybe finish that google doc.

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If we're going to have a revolution, let it be full of music and dance. I've been collecting instruments to share with my commune-to-be for some time now, being lucky to find people often giving them away for free or cheap.

“I want freedom, the right to self-expression, everybody’s right to beautiful, radiant things.” -Emma Goldman

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A note I’d like to make, concerning Christian Anarchism, — specifically the practice of non-violence as espoused by the Catholic Workers — I believe fully that anarchism is the language of love and the highest affirmation an individual or a collective can achieve, as we are all equal as children of God, BUT:

There are still powers and principalities we don’t need God to tear down for us. Turn the other cheek to the brethren. Turn the barrel to the Man.


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Still working on that google doc, for those who saw the last post and are curious.

Will post when completed. If the title didn’t hype you, know this:

This shit is difficult. Plumb silly difficult. It’s buck wild. …where the hell my sweet tea?

I’m actually working on a google doc, right now, entitled “Why I Identify as a Southerner, and Furthermore, Why That’s OK”

….big undertaking, this.

Wish me luck? Or send me sweet tea and boiled peanuts. This is a lot to cover.

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….identifying as a Southerner begs an explanation. So…stay tuned.

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Also, an observation from the cornland:

So many of these Midwestern folks are wannabe ‘country’ — as soon as they find out I’m from the South, I’m an instant celebrity until they surmise that I don’t hunt, fish, drink beer, support Trump, or listen to the trash country they do. They hear the accent and the manner of speaking, and they get sooo excited, just to be let down hard.

Sorry not sorry — I ain’t that kind of Southerner.

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I worked retail years ago. The general public didn't call today "Black Friday" then, that phrase was used behind the scenes by retail employees who were dreading their worst working day of the year. "Black Friday" was basically saying "we're doomed," it wasn't a HAPPY expression at all.

Later the marketing types got hold of the term, it began popping up in ads, and now the shopping hordes are all "yay Black Friday!"

It makes my retail-survivor heart sad every time an expression of pain coined by the overworked and underpaid is used to entice more shoppers.

Aight, so

Living with the catholic workers is pretty sick. And they are allowing our budding IWW branch to hold our meetings here, thus revitalizing the historic bond between both movements. Been pretty busy in my online absence — I kinda regret not documenting the events as they unfolded.

But, to generalize and prophesy: Syndicalism is the method by which we will achieve a stateless society. Of this I am sure.

The State is a Scam.


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