🔥🔥Friends and comrades, we have some big news for you 🔥🔥

We are delighted to announce that this year's Anarchist Bookfair in London will take place at one of London's most amazing venues, Bishopsgate Institute!

We will be spending the next few months planning and plotting with the Institute and Antiuniversity Now to bring you the best bookfair we possibly can!
Save the date: 17th September 2022.

Antiuniversity is scheduled from 10th to 16th September.


Immigration raid foiled as hundreds block their way
Scorsby was on the ground at yesterday’s spectacular, and successful, effort to deter an immigration raid in Edinburgh.

At around a quarter to six the first call-outs began. An immigration raid van had been spotted outside a popular restaurant in

Help #DogSectionPress print "Social Ecology and the Rojava Revolution".


Dog Section Press [1] is a not-for-profit publisher and distributor of seditious literature, and a worker-owned cooperative.

We aim to keep our own publications affordable, and we distribute books and pamphlets that are inexpensive. We also produce DOPE Magazine [2].


#Crowdfunding #Rojava #SolidarityNotCharity

The next Dalston Solidarity Cafe is
this Saturday 14th of May and, as per usual, we need your help!

Contact us if you:
- would like to help on the day;
- would like to help with the food rescuing;
- would like to donate food.

All the food that we cook is vegan and made with rescued ingredients.

#SolidarityNotCharity #MutualAid #London

Join us on SATURDAY 14th of MAY for another Cafe between 2 and 8pm at Halkevi Kurdish Community Centre (33 Dalston Lane, E8 3DF).

The space is wheelchair accessible (through the Tyssen Street entrance)! 💥

#SolidarityNotCharity #MutualAid #London

Liverpool Anarchist Bookfair will be happening on Saturday the 14th of May, 11am-5pm, at The Black-E, Great George Street, L1 5EW!


Launching April 1: Greece and The Black Flag! Put together as part of the Crowdfunder we ran for A Normal Life, this short book works as both a companion to the illegalist's tale and as a standalone:

Of all the anarchist movements of 21st century Europe, Greece is perhaps the most explosive. From 19th century beginnings, to facing down the Junta’s tanks in 1973, to the street war of Greece’s 2010s economic crisis, this short history charts a path through its fire, fury and solidarity.

Our website is down at the moment. We will be working towards getting it back up.

Antiuni fest will run 10-16 Sept in locations all over the world and will be, as always, programmed by you. The Bookfair will take place on Sat 17 Sept in London, showcasing the most exciting rad publishing of 2022.

Registration to host an Antiuni event or run a Bookfair stall will open in the summer. Check out anarchistbookfair.london and
antiuniversity.org for more information nearer the date.

In the meanwhile, start plotting!


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Friends, comrades and co-conspirators, we are pleased to share some good news in these dark times:

Following last year’s successful collaboration, the Antiuniversity and Anarchist Bookfair in London will join forces again this year in a week-long festival of radical learning, mutual education and printed resistance.


Join us on Saturday 12th March for the next Dalston Solidarity Cafe!

LOCATION: Halk Evi Kurdish Community Centre, 31-33 Dalston Lane, E8 3DF
The space is now wheelchair accessible!

This time, the Cafe will have different opening hours, because of the demo for the 1st Anniversary of the Vigil for Sarah Everard happening on the same afternoon, which we think it's important to show up for. We’ll be open 12pm - 4pm.

🖤 We hope to see you there!🖤

#mutualaid #london #transformativejustice #acab

Another Radical Bookfair will be happening in Bristol on Sunday the 20th of February!

11.30am - 3.30pm at The Exchange, Old Market.

Stonehenge Heritage Action Group's Anarchist Bookfair is rescheduled for this weekend, Saturday 29th - Sunday 30th Jan!

Stonehenge Heritage Action Camp's Winter Solstice Anarchist Bookfair is happening on the 18th - 19th December!


Manchester & Salford Anarchist Bookfair will be happening on the 6th November, 10am - 4pm!

Furthermore, check out pineappleonpizza.net, "a project focused on music with the aim of creating a FUND available for collective and or individual that provide mental health support, and other half accessible to artists to pay their expenses such a recording studio, music video production, rehearsal session etc."


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Passionless Pointless (passionlesspointless.bandcamp.com)
Riot Spears (riotspears.bandcamp.com)
Grand Collapse (grandcollapse.co.uk)
Screaming Toenail (soundcloud.com/screamingtoenail)
Rabbit Junk (rabbitjunk.com)
Black Light Mutants (soundcloud.com/blacklightmutants)
破壊光線 (Destroy Beam) (destroybeam.jimdofree.com)
and Andrew O'Neill (andrewoneill.co.uk)

Link to video:


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