🔥🔥Friends and comrades, we have some big news for you 🔥🔥

We are delighted to announce that this year's Anarchist Bookfair in London will take place at one of London's most amazing venues, Bishopsgate Institute!

We will be spending the next few months planning and plotting with the Institute and Antiuniversity Now to bring you the best bookfair we possibly can!
Save the date: 17th September 2022.

Antiuniversity is scheduled from 10th to 16th September.


Liverpool Anarchist Bookfair will be happening on Saturday the 14th of May, 11am-5pm, at The Black-E, Great George Street, L1 5EW!


Our website is down at the moment. We will be working towards getting it back up.

Friends, comrades and co-conspirators, we are pleased to share some good news in these dark times:

Following last year’s successful collaboration, the Antiuniversity and Anarchist Bookfair in London will join forces again this year in a week-long festival of radical learning, mutual education and printed resistance.


Another Radical Bookfair will be happening in Bristol on Sunday the 20th of February!

11.30am - 3.30pm at The Exchange, Old Market.

Stonehenge Heritage Action Group's Anarchist Bookfair is rescheduled for this weekend, Saturday 29th - Sunday 30th Jan!

Stonehenge Heritage Action Camp's Winter Solstice Anarchist Bookfair is happening on the 18th - 19th December!


Manchester & Salford Anarchist Bookfair will be happening on the 6th November, 10am - 4pm!

COVID-19 and the bookfair

The indoor venue's capacity is capped at 200. Once this is reached we'll be counting heads in/out.

There'll be additional space in the gardens next to the venue, but again this is limited capacity.

Stalls have been limited to stallholders from London and surrounding areas and we ask that people do not travel cross-country for this event. There are regional bookfairs coming up in Bradford, Manchester, Newcastle, presumably Edinburgh.


With 16 days left until the Anarchist Bookfair in London, we'd like to share our poster for the first time and address a few things.

Firstly, the poster is a collaboration. Dr. Zadok penned the background, Morgasmik illustrated the foreground and the Bookfair crew edited it together. We'd like to thank both artists for their contributions and tolerance of our edits and changes.

Check them out:


Our fundraiser has reached 100%! 🎉

A massive thank you to everyone who has donated and helped us reach this goal.

The fundraiser is still accepting donations and there are 8 days left to go, so if you still wish to donate please feel welcome to do so.


Hello everyone!

Just a reminder: you have until 11th August to book your stalls and workshops with us.

We will be running a two-day event.

On Saturday 11th September, we are looking forward to seeing you at a real-life event in central London (with COVID measures in place*). If you wish to hold a stall, book here:


On Sunday 12th September, we will be running talks and workshops online. If you wish to present one, book here:


Hi. A small update:

due to the ongoing pandemic, we decided to take a few extra precautions - one of which is the decision that we will not be holding any workshops on the day of the bookfair.

We will hold digital sessions on the 12th instead!

If you'd like to present a talk or workshop on the 12th, fill in the form here: anarchistbookfair.london/apply

If you would like to host a workshop in the week preceding as part of Antiuniversity Festival, go to antiuniversity.org

To book a stall or a workshop for the Bookfair day, please get in touch with the Bookfair Collective early, as spaces might be limited. The physical event has been scaled down in order to manage the risk of COVID-19, and we will reassess the ongoing situation.

Antiuniversity events will be programmed in the usual way, directly through the Antiuni website. Submissions will be open 3-24 July and the programme will go live in early August.


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Antiuniversity Now x Anarchist Bookfair in London

The Antiuniversity and the Anarchist Bookfair in London are joining forces in 2021 to bring together a week-long Antiuniversity Festival from the 4th to the 10th of September and the Anarchist Bookfair on the 11th of September.


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