COVID-19 and the bookfair

The indoor venue's capacity is capped at 200. Once this is reached we'll be counting heads in/out.

There'll be additional space in the gardens next to the venue, but again this is limited capacity.

Stalls have been limited to stallholders from London and surrounding areas and we ask that people do not travel cross-country for this event. There are regional bookfairs coming up in Bradford, Manchester, Newcastle, presumably Edinburgh.


Alongside things like keeping a body count, monitoring CO2 levels and not running a gig afterwards, stallholders are limited to two per table. We'll also be ventilating the building. Finally, please mind the personal space of others. Hand sanitiser and masks will be available.



Speaking of which, we'll have a strict mask policy inside the building and in tents. Though we won't be hassling people who are unable to wear masks for medical and sensory reasons, we won't be catering to anti-maskers.

If you are able to, get vaccinated, wear a mask, only travel in good health and please remember to make decisions that protect the vulnerable in your community.


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For further information on our COVID-19 policy please check

You can also direct any questions here.

See you at the bookfair!


@bookfairldn thanks for making this happen; it was the first big anarchist event I've been to. It was a lot of fun!

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