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please boost this toot

one of my best friends in real life is a trans woman named noelle

she was denied unemployment benefits due to her leaving her job because she felt unsafe working during the pandemic due to her health issues

please donate at this link if you are willing and able to help her:

twitter source:


anyone: dude, why do you love socks so much

me: bro, socks are the best! can't get enough of em

white dude: I get spirit animal might be cultural appropriation, but inspiration or fursona doesn't hit the same.

Me: sucks.

today and every day i want to give love and solidarity to my friends who suffer psychosis symptoms, who are left out of mainstream neurodivergence discourse. we can't leave them out to dry. they need supportive communities and resources

it's really cool how i can find a million people with love, support, and strategies for dealing with my depression and adhd. but when people come out and admit that they have hallucinations and paranoia people just shit talk them. they're the butt of jokes. and they haven't gotten any time to build like, supportive communities with healthy habits to pass on to people and that sucks! and i don't know how to fix it. but step one is don't be weird at people when they admit to having symptoms on the psychosis spectrum

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this video is called "screaming guinea pig" but, having cared for guinea pigs before, it should just be titled "guinea pigs" because they are literally always exactly this loud

Depression, dog, meme 

a tan puppy lying in the sploot position with all its limbs stretched being it on a blue wooden floor. It is captioned "I'm so burned out and depressed and I don't know what to do"

Anyone know of a needle craft/crochet instance? I need to shitpost about my crafts but I wanna separate that from normal shitposting

Signal boost of indigenous reparations nonprofit

the Purim event I went to tonight supports Real Rent Duwamish, who are asking settlers on Duwamish land (Seattle and some of its suburbs) to pay rent to the tribe.

The idea rattled my white-passing privilege hard enough that I thought it was worth passing on to anyone on fedi who has spare money.

Dreaming of pepperoni sticks and cheese but too lazy to cut cheese..... I'll just fantasize extra hard

I don't know why I'm shocked that people actually send me money when I ask for it like YES I do need it but also ??? Why would you give it to me? 👁️👄👁️

For the last time you ding bats Antifascists were not participating in the January 6th fascist coup attempt. All the local Antifascists and BLM activists were telling each other to stay the fuck home and lock their doors. Anyone who continues this rhetoric is a fascist or fascist sympathizer.

i have to keep telling myself “DONT SIT WITH YOUR FACE TOO CLOSE TO THE MONITOR” like a fucking child right now oMfg

I've never used this from a computer. In fact, I kinda forgot that's possible

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