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For the last time you ding bats Antifascists were not participating in the January 6th fascist coup attempt. All the local Antifascists and BLM activists were telling each other to stay the fuck home and lock their doors. Anyone who continues this rhetoric is a fascist or fascist sympathizer.

i have to keep telling myself “DONT SIT WITH YOUR FACE TOO CLOSE TO THE MONITOR” like a fucking child right now oMfg

I've never used this from a computer. In fact, I kinda forgot that's possible

PlantLog: GoldenPothos. Happy me. 🌱 

#GoldenPothos #PlantLog #photos
Day zero = 2月1日 星期一
Today = Day 17

New growth! 🤓🌱❤️

Observe: new growth extending out from the newest leaf

Hey, does anyone know what you call the watchamacallit whiter part of the plant that grows from the node up along/against the petiole and tends to turn brown? I keep referring to it as a sleeve. There must be a proper name for it. 🤔

#pothos #plants #PlantCare #IndoorPlants #YellowThumbs #plantita @plants

Today I Learned an ultra-rare species of blue bees has recently been redicovered after missing for 4 years. They are hyper-local species and only live around an isolated patch of sand dunes along the central Florida ridge. Before 2020, they were last se...

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Food for emergencies that don't need reheating, mostly vegetarian 

I just sent this in a reply, but figured could be useful for folks

(customize for allergies/preferences!)
nut butters, aged cheeses, bread, tortillas, granolas, nuts, some fruits and veggies don't need refrigeration, jerky, lots of bagged snack foods, protein bars, some kinds of milk and alt milks are shelf stable, dried fruits and vegetables, canned fish, V8 drink if you're into that


Black History Month also means acknowledging that things are still not better and black folks are still unsafe in their communities. They are still vulnerable and still dealing with micro-aggressions and people throwing harmful stereotypes at them.

Protect black folks, today, tomorrow, forever.

I'm sorry to ask again but I'm down $100 because Chase won't give me my money back and I've been on hold for 45 minutes to no avail


Cash App: $steviexmcfly

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We've been out of power bc of the winter storm and we are gonna have to throw out everything from our fridge. Money is tight and it's gonna make things tough

Mutual aid request:

I wish people would give a shit about the root causes of the issues that negatively affect them instead of just trying to inoculate themselves against splash damage while abandoning the principal targets of systemic abuse

Can't tell if I've been using the wrong account or everyone on my feed also remembered about mastodon at the same time because when I opened this a few days ago it was not as popping

One of the great benefits of being gender neutral is that you can be gay for anyone :meowthinksmart:

I'm not boosting your image if there's no image description. Soz not soz.

still feeling out mastodon but my immediate impression is wow, it's cool that people are actually seeing what i'm posting and interacting with me after less than a full day. meanwhile 12 years on/off using twitter and i could probably count the number of interactions i've had with people i didn't already know on one hand

Not supporting a livable wage means you're explicitly pro-poverty. And it makes you a huuuuuge bag of shit. 👀

i think a lot about how most anarchists probably, from an external perspective, live mostly normal lives, but are absolute weirdos in their own home and amongst friends

i think we should call non black "dreadlocks" matts from now on

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