The Borough of State College is currently ordering the State College PD to target and harass our supporters in retaliation for dropping off donations supporting our mutual aid work. We learned that on the evening of Jan 24 a supporter who had donated non-food items in support of unhoused residents was later illegally encircled and pulled over by three State College PD cruisers. This supporter reports that an SCPD officer demanded to see identification and alleged they were - 1/4

participating in "illegal activities" for simply dropping off non-food items at our weekly mutual aid event. The officer said he was enforcing the orders of Tom King and Tom Fontaine and that our supporter is now under "investigation." We condemn these actions of the Borough and SCPD. Our supporter was surveilled and stopped without cause to intimidate and scare people away from our work. While these actions by SCPD are outrageous, they're not surprising. The same Borough and SCPD - 2/4

leaders who have covered up the murderous actions of officers Jordan Pieniazek, Christopher Hill, and Keith Robb have no problem illegally detaining and intimidating community members donating to help unhoused residents whom SCPD targets frequently. The officers who targeted this supporter on Sunday identify themselves in the video below. We will not be intimidated, and we call on the community to have our back. Please, call or email Tom King and Tom Fontaine and demand they stop - 3/4

Here are some ways to get in touch with Borough officials! We had a hard time finding even this much information on how to hold Borough officials accountable.
Image description: Defend Mutual Aid! Who To Contact 1. Tom Fontaine (Borough Manager) a. Phone: 814-234-7110 b. Email: 2. Tom King (Assistant to the Borough Manager) a. Email:

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