We are calling on all anarchists and antifascists to support the fight. Anarchist Black Cross collects money for comrades in Ukraine and those who have decided to leave the country. You can support their efforts at @abc_dresden@twitter.com

Solidarity is our weapon.

“Alan-PA” of Patriot Front Pennsylvania Identified as Dustin Sargent of Kunkletown, PA – Owner of Sargent and Sons Masonry Contractors
from Philly Antifa

Dustin Sargent, aka “Alan-PA,” member of the neo-nazi organization Patriot Front
Sargent “traini

if my mask makes me look “stupid” then what does your death by choking make you 😭

milo is coming to a campus near me, and i have receipts that will make the admin SHUT IT DOWN

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I’d just like to interject for a moment. What you’re referring to as freenode, is in fact, Lee/freenode, or as I’ve recently taken to calling it, leenode. leenode is not an IRC network, but rather a hollow shell of an IRC network being destroyed by Andrew Lee. Many IRC users connect to a ruined version of the freenode network every day, without realizing it.

In place of the cowardly phrase, "Obey the law," our cry is "Revolt against all laws!"
-- Peter Kropotkin

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asking for money help, boosts needed :boost_ok: 


i need $35 for my phone bill, about $50 for groceries, and $60-ish for medical weed

i've been trying to find a job video editing or something, i can't work anywhere facing the public because i have asthma and if i catch covid i'll die excruciatingly

i didn't qualify for the second stimulus and probably don't for the third :blobsad:

paypal: paypal.me/v33b33

venmo/cashapp: vantablack420

thank you so much for saving my life multiple times and continuing to keep me alive, fediverse!!! :black_sparkles: :blacker_heart:


Came across this great meme for all your liberal friends if you still have any.

potentially awful take which I haven’t thought deeply about at all:

a fedi instance could run a wiki on a subdomain, and use it to host policies, discussions, etc and to establish consensus for mod additions/removals/actions. kinda like wikipedia’s decision-making structure.

idk just something that came to me

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