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We're getting really excited about our workshop this Saturday at @culturlanndoire from 1-3.00pm.

All welcome, come and learn information that could help you, your friends and family. We will unpack difficult conversations surrounding abortion & empower ourselves to enact change!

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Wow - incredible.

With just 5 working days notice to mobilise 115,000 members across 1,500 workplaces for the second national ballot in a month we have absolutely smashed it again.

72.2% Turnout

98.7 % YES

Up the postal workers

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Shamelessly stolen from Homegrown Mutualist on FB

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Get ready for our Trans Pride NI Rally on Saturday 20th August 12.30PM-3PM at Writer's Square, Belfast. Check out more event details here: fb.me/e/1XnRQdC1N twitter.com/transprideni/statu

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As company profits skyrocket…

Wages fall at sharpest rate on record bbc.co.uk/news/business-625500

"We have asked management to address the serious and real cost-of-living crisis being faced by our members”

"It is a pay equality issue," bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ire

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On August 13th 1923, the engraver, cartoonist & poet Carlos Cortez was born in Milwaukee. He refused to enlist in the army in World War II, spent 18 months in jail, in 1947 joined the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW). Writing/drawing for The Industrial Worker.

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You can join the IWW for as little as €2/£2 wherever you work or live. Help unionise your workplace too. iww.org.uk/join

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Copies of Fight Like Hell by @GrimKim making their way to Derry, Ireland 😍🔥✊🏼

At the start of this year @IrelandIww adapted and printed How To Fire Your Boss! A Workers' Guide to Direct Action from @sfbayareaiww

Maybe Hot Strike Summer (with plenty of wildcat sightings) is your sign to give it a read


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1/4 'Frack Off LNG!' Mass trespass by 150 activists of LNG gas terminal site a 'show of strength and a warning' to @new_fortress Energy & Irish govt that this climate-wrecking project will be fiercely resisted. Press release: bit.ly/3QaGIWK

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Solidarity with fellow workers in the @CWUnews
115,000 postal workers will strike for a proper pay rise.

Four days. All action commencing 0400.

£750m profit, £400m to shareholders, millions to bosses.

We want our share.

@CWU_nitb @Cwunieast

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🚨🚨🚨 Time Change 🚨🚨🚨

We've had to add some extra time to our rep training to fit it all in.

Still some places available

Sign up here:


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Wondering about what YOU should be doing at a time when the bosses & politicians are increasing attacks on OUR class & increasing THEIR PROFITS?
YOU can help assist the Class War effort wherever you work or live!
Join the IWW today iww.org.uk/join

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Solidarity with our fellow workers in Szczecin, Poland as they continue to build.

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