My ideal summer body is an autonomous body. Abortion Access Now!

FWs designed this banner in solidarity with all fighting the overturn of RoevWade. The IWW stands for autonomy for all - abortion rights are workers rights: in USA, Poland, & everyone else struggling for healthcare

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"Once again, the CNT shows its support and takes up the demands of the International LGTBI+ Pride Day, which will once again fill the streets with demonstrations and protests in all regions to claim rights and to defend those that have been won so far."

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🔥no pride in psychiatry! 🔥

a thread delving into the history of psychiatry’s long standing role as a tool of queer oppression… for ‘queer liberation’, say fuck psychiatry! 💥

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We know organising the workplace can be a tough gig.

Taking that first step to talk to a co-worker can seem daunting.

There will always be risks.

Organising training is available. Sign-up to your local branches one today.

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'They'll be staying out here until they get the pay rise that they deserve' - Unite shop stewards Paul McStravick & Ciaran Rice speaking from the @InterfaceInc picket line this morning @unitetheunion

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"What do we want? Fair pay! When do we want it? Now!' - workers from @InterfaceInc Craigavon out on the picket line today! ✊✊

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The IWW was founded on this day in 1905 (followed by a 12-day long Convention!)

Read more here:
Happy 117th Birthday to us!

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Bloody Friday calls for an independent international investigation. As the world looks on we remember the words of activist Howard Zinn
"There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people."

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Happy Birthday to all Fellow Workers on this, the 117th birthday of the Industrial Workers of the World, established today 27th June 1905. @IclCit @belfastiww @IwocIreland

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Struggle against freelance regime and for compensation of petrol expenses continues also in Greece. Following a 4hrs work stoppage last week, hundreds of efood (@deliveryherocom) riders joined the strike rally in :

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Does @DublinPride condone violence against members of our community at the hands of the guards?

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Abolish their Prison Complex @BaltimoreIwoc @tciwoc @psn_ldn @BhamIwoc @AtlantaIWOC @IWW_IWOC @sacramento_iwoc @OK_IWOC @BrightonABC @Bristol_ABC @IrelandIww @belfastiww @abol_media @igd_news @dc_iwwiwoc @ChiIwoc

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Breaking: There have been 3 people arrested at today's Radical Pride event. People asking for solidarity. Protest outside Pearse street station at 3pm

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If you are looking for us, here's where to find us: George's Quay.

We are an affected-led grassroots group of queers who are building on over a decade of radical blocs that have been ignored by Dublin Pride.

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Whether you're a woman, a trans man or non-binary, abortion rights are worker's rights!

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Abortion rights are workers rights!

Love and rage to our American FWs and comrades as the reigning theocracy tightens its grip. Abortion rights are under attack everywhere, from Poland to the the North of Ireland to the United States.

Workers of the world fight back! ✊🖤💜

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Workers from @hm H&M supplier in Myanmar are facing oppression from factory management. Did not allow to organize a union, have to work forced overtime even on Sunday, not allow legal leaves to workers, No responsibility for workplace injury

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Reproductive rights have always been a class issue. The rich have always had access to safe abortions.

Full solidarity to all those in American who are now going to have to fight harder than ever to maintain their bodily autonomy.

US followers: any good orgs worth donating to?

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