spent the better part of the day theming my phone's home screen...

#feditips New users; PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fill out your bio before you start following people!
I'm sure you are excited to get started, but please take a minute to let everyone know what you are about before you start following people. Look at some other people's bios for inspiration if you like like; but I can assure you that you will have a better time, and better interactions if you have something in your bio.

Maybe even consider writing a pinned intro post if you are feeling really motivated

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Do not trust Mark Zuckerberg.
Do not trust Jeff Bezos.
Do not trust Tim Cook.
Do not trust Sundar Pichai.
Do not trust Big Tech.

Break them up. Regulate them. Hold them accountable. #AntiTrustDay

"What is one such as I meant to do? Kill myself, for the crime of my birth?"

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and they won't leave me alone either! amazing.

why does this person sound like a new atheist edge lord trying to sound grandiose?

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So here’s an idea

When you see a new NFT on Twitter, reply to the tweet saying ‘does anyone know where i can get this on a tshirt?’

Let the bots right-click it for you.

Fictional time-travel murder 

"First thing I did was go back in time and kill ... oh I forget his name, what was it"


"You know, the guy that everyone says they'll go back and kill if they get a time machine"

"Huh, I guess after it was invented, all those people got retroactively bumped off pretty quick, so it's not really a thing that we do anymore"

"ELON MUSK. That was it. Went back before the Martian slave trade and the Atrocity Sphere and—"

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but the sales pitch for it, more broadly, outside of the narrow NFT exploitation world, is that it's ~decentralized computation~

but none of the core blockchain innovations is required for that. just multiparty consensus. that's all. unless you want money

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its desperate people falling head first into an exploitative con that takes advantage of their vulnerable life situation with the promise of love and adoration and money

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it's really no wonder that this is a segment of the population has gotten quite enthralled by this. i have know many a starving artist (sometimes literally) who has gotten into NFTs entirely because they're actually making money, and people are showering them with praise for their work

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that's why this entire web3 smart contract NFT ICO bullshit hypetrain is so utterly revolting

it is pure money money money

that's also why it's so easily turning into a cult: it's able to offer the promise of community, praise, and, importantly, financial support, to folx who are historically typically rather poor: artists, musicians, etc

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