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I've been holding a single sustained growl in a perfectly unchanging pitch since the womb


Speaking partly to sate my own rushing brain, there is a very clear difference between Publishing and Writing. It is dangerous to confuse the work necessary behind only The Release of a finished work with the actual work behind the development of its Content. If you write, Please take your time! Understand that savoring every consideration along the way of having a finished work is the rare opprotunity we don't often have in the authorship of a lived self.

I refuse to get on board with my generation's sense of humor. Be clever, not obtuse.

Don't fucking talk to me if you don't understand that we each need to declare war on ecocide everywhere and permanently until there is total freedom for every living thing. I want to live genuinely and in harmony with the earth fuck you and your gaming computers and big ass monitors and internet drama we're fucking dying and this authoritarian culture has thoroughly suppressed your critical nerve as a living being. Get your priorities right.

I am so done with it being a matter of politics or of opinion on whether to not desecrate our home, our mother, our nourisher Earth.

The knights of order defend the pockets of the ravagers. I beseech all of you to renounce your complacency and come together in love and strength to Cease Our Hurt.

This has always been possible; it must become certain.

We want to live! We want freedom!

No longer can this be feared!


Does anyone know if estrogen phenolic (liquid oral/sublingual dropper) is a decent replacement for the light blue estradiol pills? I'm getting good at cutting them in half and putting one half under each little tunnel under the tongue but I kinda want liquid so I don't have to wait so long.

I've been holding a single sustained growl in a perfectly unchanging pitch since the womb

Having just used a TV remote as a paperweight, I can confirm actual paperweights should always have the same rubber stuff where it makes contact with paper.

This is my second or third try at masterdong and now I intend to basically occupy and make use of this account until for whatever reason I cannot and it can rot until the whole project fails or is breached and I've just been dead somewhere or whatever the fuck lmao

Concrete collectives, forced unity, reified imagery & rituals: I'm good.

Fluid associations, willful individuals interacting or disassociating freely, celebration of vibrant possibility: Aaww yiss :abunhdhappy: :anarchy:

My amoralism stems from my past lived situations where abusive people have told me things, such as for example, "You can't just Leave Me!" when everything they were doing to me was manipulation and gaslighting. It is not realistic to expect a perfectly agreeable conception of lacking morality, but every dig I have against morality is literally in the interest of every individual's agency to reason their actions from their inner needs and not from a rigid, paternalistic conceptual structure.

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