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I've been holding a single sustained growl in a perfectly unchanging pitch since the womb

Gods, I love wearing pushed up tiddies and my hair in a tail

Please don't think the internet can persist.
This medium is a bold fixture of civ's death cult.
Running servers is a major factor in climate collapse.
When things go down communication-wise,
Take that as a good sign.

"The expropriated fields, forests and animals were garnered as bonanzas, as preliminary capital, as the precondition for the production process that was to turn the fields into farms, the trees into lumber, the animals into hats, the minerals into munitions, the human survivors into cheap labor. Genocide was, and still is, the precondition, the cornerstone and ground work of the military-industrial complexes, of the processed environments, of the worlds of offices and parking lots."

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"Human communities as variegated in their ways and beliefs as birds are in feathers were invaded, despoiled and at last exterminated beyond imagination’s grasp. The clothes and artifacts of the vanished communities were gathered up as trophies and displayed in museums as additional traces of the march of progress; the extinct beliefs and ways became the curiosities of yet another of the invaders’ many sciences."

Going to do my first blót around the equinox. Pretty stoked. Likely doing it alone but that's probably preferred. Wish I had more to work with but it might have to do.

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