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follow requests from insufferable white people get rejected byeee

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covid, vaccine, me being annoying 

anybody else think theyre just going to immediately cum when they inject you with that vaccine

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I tried to write an “introduction” on here, but I just want you all to imagine a hot and annoying person who hates the carceral state. Okay? Thanks! ❤️

‘We Actually Mean Abolish the Police’
U of T’s Rinaldo Walcott on his new book ‘On Property,’ contemporary abolitionist politics and why a better way of life is possible, if we try.

"Once you realize that the conditions that we live under, this thing that we’ve come to call property, which is built out of Indigenous lands& the enslavement of African bodies, the logical conclusion, or the logical move for an abolitionist project, is to right that historic wrong."

food, failure! 

tried making baked pancake (aka making pancake batter and then baking it all in a dish instead of frying individual pancakes on the stove) and it came out gummy and undercooked, and all the chocolate chips sunk to the bottom and the bottom and top were starting to burn, even after i put an aluminum tent over the batter for the first 15 minutes.

thinking i overmixed the batter.

i am also baking everything in a very old toaster oven so that's probably a factor here.


i hope the beans appreciate the singing and being called beanie babies

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didn't post earlier cuz i knocked tf out right after, but! today i planted fava beans and red clover in a bed in my backyard. a bit late for cover crops in my area but we'll see 🌱


"One thing I learned, and Maroon wrote about this many years ago, is that we need to develop hydras and not dragons. There is only so much space in solitary. They cannot lock us all up. Moving together is always much more powerful than moving alone. The incident made me think about deep organizing and assessing just how much strength we have and how much actual support. The deeper the support, the more likely the success and defense against official repression."

Topics include: harm reduction, re-defining safety, care without cops, de-escalation & stabilization, suicide, altered states, needs assessments, maximizing autonomy, setting boundaries with folks in crisis, and more! This training has been developed by folks who have lived experience of madness/mental illness, Disability, neurodivergence, and psychiatric incarceration.

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Access: ASL + CART provided. A recording will be available for all folks who register. This training is being offered on a donations basis, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds. Email if you need support accessing the training.

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repost from

Join Project LETS for our Skills-Based Crisis Response Training on Sunday, February 7th from 2-4 PM EST! We will be learning to navigate psychiatric, emotional, and spiritual crises from an abolitionist, peer-led, Disability Justice lens. 🔆


why.... do people just "like" a post that's asking people to boost it? you literally lose nothing by doing what was requested and clicking another button? just why

mutual aid for incarcerated ppl - pls donate & boost 

Support 2 incarcerated NY organizers meet their goal for their mutual aid project on their block! They have a goal of $500 by Feb 3rd so they can distribute toiletries in time for Valentine's Day.

Cashapp: $EliKateHadley
Venmo: Kate-Hadley-2


@mutualaid @anarchomutual

it sure aint a coincidence that liberals crying over militant tactics / property destruction has the same energy as radlibs/abuse apologists complaining about 'cancel culture'

"What I came to realize—or at least what I want to convey (but not conclusively)—is that Black methodologies are knowledge systems and ways of being. And also that these epistemological embodied networks are, following Sylvia Wynter, relational. In this way, the dynamism between our biological selves (our flesh, our blood, our hearts, our muscles and neurons) and the stories we tell about ourselves (about our identities and our sense of place) becomes central to how we conceptualize freedom."

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Katherine McKittrick!

"Thinking beyond identity-self moves us toward other, more interesting questions, which attend to how freedom is imagined and enacted through our extrahuman worlds. For me this is also about what songs, environment, ecology, water, poems, and theoretical leaps tell us about exploding coloniality and race thinking."


i made the coconut oil / coconut milk swaps cuz i dont have butter or heavy cream and didnt want to leave the house to buy some

tbh i like the coconut milk and oil better

also added some cinnamon, and used brown sugar instead of granulated sugar cuz i also dont hav that lol

gonna try making a salty parmesan garlic version of this later

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made sourdough discard scones today they turned out v good!

no pics, ate them all / wrapped em individually in parchment paper & put 'em in the freezer for fresh scones later

1.5 cups all purpose flour
3 tbsp granulated sugar
1 tbsp baking powder
½ teaspoon kosher salt
5 tbsp cold coconut oil
½ cup mix of chocolate chips, walnuts, and raisins
1 cup sourdough starter discard
½ cup coconut milk (the kind in the can)

adapted from

@fediKitchen @sourdough


behold my depression bread

i used this recipe, olive oil, parmesan, fresh rosemary, onion, garlic on top

@fediKitchen @sourdough

"Capitalism and racism, in other words, did not break from the old order but rather evolved from it to produce a modern world system of “racial capitalism” dependent on slavery, violence, imperialism, and genocide. Capitalism was “racial” not because of some conspiracy to divide workers or justify slavery and dispossession, but because racialism had already permeated Western feudal society."

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What Did Cedric Robinson Mean by Racial Capitalism?

by Robin D. G. Kelley

"So what did Robinson mean by 'racial capitalism'? Building on the work of another forgotten black radical intellectual, sociologist Oliver Cox, Robinson challenged the Marxist idea that capitalism was a revolutionary negation of feudalism. Instead capitalism emerged within the feudal order and flowered in the cultural soil of a Western civilization already thoroughly infused with racialism."

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