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Malik would love any connections with people on the outside. he's been recently transferred, so please write to him to support him as he settles in for the long haul:

Malik Muhammad #23935744
Oregon State Penitentiary
2605 State Street
Salem, OR 97310

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please include alt text on all of your image and audio posts!

refer to the attached images for assistance.

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if you know someone spending time inside who needs or wants more support, get in touch with your local chapter of:

critical resistance
black & pink
anarchist black cross

to see if they can help. if not, i can offer you suggestions on how to get a prisoner support crew up and running.

if you'd like any resources or need assistance connecting people to orgs, feel free to send me a dm and i'll try to help you out.

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music and prison solidarity 

getting letters not only provides a social lifeline for people on the inside, but it keeps them physically safer. when a prisoner's name is called on mail day and they get letters, it's an announcement that they have people who care about them and have their back, and they are less likely to be harassed as a result.

prisons are designed to invisibilize, isolate and obliviate those on the inside, so that we forget and ignore them -- we can't let that happen.

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In one day of fundraising we managed to collect only 420 euro out of 25 000. We still have 18 days left, but it means that we need at least 1366 euro a day. It is time to shake your boss, grandma and the dog for their savings!

you're right, I wouldn't download a car
i would download a train

leave space in your zine margins for comments so they can be recirculated with added meaning, updates, and new perspectives!

for some reason anarchists seem to find this a novelty in distroism circles? I recirculate zines after annotating them.

stop doing weeks

days were never meant to be regulated

years of time and yet no real-world use for time measures between year and day

wanted to syncronize your schedule anyway? we had a tool for that: the moon

'come to work on monday morning' 'i didn't see you in church on sunday' 'what a sad way to spend a friday night' - statements by the utterly derranged

look what calendarists have been demanding your respect for all this time (these are real days, made by real calendarists)

sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday????

'i hate mondays'????

they have played us for absolute fools!

police murder, strong violence, brpol 

Brazilian police kills an average of 17 people per day. 79% are Black. so "cops killed a Black person" barely registers as newsworthy in our corner of the world. when it does, you know it was heinous.

highway police literally gassed a man to death. in a car trunk.

the only thing he did was riding a motorcycle without helmet, during a protest the police was repressing.

Anyone have recommendations for cities in Germany with cool anarchist projects/spaces going on? For certain going to Berlin, Freiburg, Nurnberg.

The black&white ('split') thinking I've been struggling to shed since losing my faith is a helluva drug. But it makes me think of how we handle laws.

Morality/laws of christianity, it's all mainly 'because daddy said so'.

Then I wonder whether my current morality has any real laws..&I think of few things that even come close.

This is because my view is now grounded in; not asking 'what does sky daddy want?' I& many other atheists ask, 'what will create the most well being& agency?', instead.

plus: i’ve improved enough to be able to change a roadside flat in ~20min.

con: i got a flat this morning…


#Brazil: Today, people in Sergipe blocked a highway in protest over the murder of Genivaldo de Jesus Santos by the police. The residents demand justice for Genivaldo. #JusticaParaGenivaldo #JusticaPorGenivaldo #AbolishThePolice

brazil, police murder 

exactly two years after george floyd was murdered by minneapolis police, genivaldo de jesus santos was gassed to death in an suv by highway feds in umbaúba, sergipe for riding a motorcycle without a helmet.

the video is extremely graphic.


different land, different language, different culture — similar anti-black police system.

fuck these killer cops in every city of the world, solidarity with everyone raging in brazil.

perfect example of how copyright law smashes creativity. Winnie the Pooh is now in the public domain, and we get a horror take on the character called Blood and Honey

"but why do you need a TI-85? A commodore 64? A PS1?..."

Why do you need the new iPad, a huge TV, or a Tesla?

Guns and violence 

Let's be honest here for a minute. If you have 3 million people every night watching a someone push replacement theory and other Nazi shit, you have 3 million people believing that the only way for their group to survive is to murder as many "other" people as possible as fast as possible, gun control isn't going to do a fucking thing.

And even if you actually took guns from civilians, *and* somehow stopped right wing terrorism, you'd still be left with the murder system itself.

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Guns and violence 

Democrats are going to use every mass shooting as an opportunity to raise money. The more they do about the problem, the fewer opportunities they have to raise money. But when they *actually do* something, it just becomes an opportunity for Republicans to raise money and claim that they were right all along "see, the Democrats really are going to take all the guns." The two party system is symbiotic: both parties leach off our suffering...

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