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this looks dope, vandal movie night at alder commons in ne pdx on saturday, 10/1 at 8:00pm. benefit is for @antifaintl 's defense fund.

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these are some sites that list political prisoners, mostly focused on the united states, but several are international in scope.

if you know of any other sites or orgs compiling solidarity lists, please let me know, especially if outside of europe and north america.

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Malik would love any connections with people on the outside. he's been recently transferred, so please write to him to support him as he settles in for the long haul:

Malik Muhammad #23935744
Oregon State Penitentiary
2605 State Street
Salem, OR 97310

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new zine, presented in reading and printing formats.

an an anarcha-transfeminist queer liberationist prison abolitionist manifesto"

for production, it all fits on one sheet. print front and back (long side), cut short middle, insert bottom half inside top half, and fold and staple center.

cw: sexual, racial and gender violence, policing, prisons

Cool story bro 

I can't find the last post where I said I'd cool story bro the tale of the recycling bin if it got two favourites and it got like 5 so here you go.

I moved into a place once that was a serial student house. There were 2 apartments, upstairs was a 5 bedroom place and downstairs there was another one bedroom place.
When I moved in it was like 3 roommates in the 5 bedroom place changing over. So two people carried over from the previous round, and the place wasn't super clean, but it was pretty nice. I somehow had a huge bedroom with my own bathroom, the kitchen and living room were huge and there was a huge deck on the front of the house. The place was dated but who cares about that really.
The landlord's son lived in the basement and he was a real typical entitled piece of shit. He was a few years younger than me, but he was in school on his parent's dime. He lied on student loan applications and then bought all this frivolous shit with the money, like ok milk the system but he was already living for free and his parents were rich.
He was the defacto landlord, and was a total dick to us all the time. I can't really remember all the shit but I do remember he would always complain about us doing normal shit like smelly cooking or an alarm clock going off and waking him up.

Protect Drag Story Hour from fash in MN (again) 

Despite being heavily outnumbered last Saturday, MN fascists have announced they'll again be mobilizing against the next in a series of Drag Story Hour events at St. Paul libraries. Come out early Saturday morning Oct. 1 to help protect attendees from fash hate. More info in the graphics.

Here's the full referenced reportback from last weekend:

if all you kolektivists gave $1/mo or something to @subMedia to keep running, they’d reach their goal and then could focus on delivering that sweet riot porn instead instead of pushing annoying fundraiser videos.

if you got it, give it!

We’re now in the final days of our 2022 fundraising drive. A huge thank you to everyone who has donated so far, and all those who have supported us over the years. Without your generous support, we can’t keep doing what we do.

Woman, Life, Freedom! New video in solidarity with the revolution in Iran.

A collaboration with

✨ back in stock ✨

"police are toilets" and "erase her" posters by @polaripress

in the café and online
£15 suggested, down to £0

Regarding pets:
Love is not enough. The most stressed out pets whose needs are never met are often the most loved by their people. It is the most difficult issue I encounter in my line of work.

Hundreds of people across the so-called US and Canada took part in "Running Down the Walls" events on both sides of the prison walls, raising thousands for political prisoners. Check out this report from the .

CALL OUT! As many of you know, I'm keen to see a UK version of France's Mutu Network develop over here. I'm wondering if it's worth setting up at least a chat group to start some conversations and ideas around making it happen. Interested? Let me know!

Bank robberies in , an uprising in and a little surprise for a poorly named police station in Mexico in this, the 15th installment of System Fail.

BREAKING: Magistrate drops all charges!

Lismore local, Mali faced up to 2 years in prison after blocking the Sydney Harbour Tunnel in June. They were charged under NSWs new draconian anti-protest laws. All charges were just dropped.

#BlockadeAustralia #Auspol

v happy to be furthering the tradition today of shitpost event announcements. found this on bird app suposedly from 1887.

contraptions! bombs extra! bring your own dynamite!

who wants to get me a red star trek uniform so i can show up to city sponsored recuperation/co-optation "engagement" events and just stand around pointing at people at saying ENGAGE like captain jean-luc picard

alabama prison strike
alabama prison strike
alabama prison strike

the free printing at multnomah county libraries is honestly a fantastic resource, and this should be the norm at all public libraries.

shoutout to mult co lib for being unofficial sponsors and benefactors of pdx distroism.

furiously typing an email to elon musk while verbalizing it aloud and adding unwritten swear words between them for flavor, love it.

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at the library computer, person behind me at another computer quietly stringing out the longest string of curses i ever heard personally directed at elon musk, impressed and amused.

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