Urgent mutual aid for a Black womxn needed. Update on PayPal:

Or the email is: young.abria.l@gmail.com

Image description: pink care bear on a cloud on the left side, looking worried. On the right side, white text with black, saying “showing emotions is not a weakness”.

Image Description: simpsons character Wiggum sitting on the right, colourful background and white text on the left side that says “The police serve and protect property and the ruling class
NOT the people!”

If it turns out that Mastodon just applies the same arbitrary peace police/policing/silencing methods as neolib platforms - even thou leftist platforms should focus on accountability culture and discourse instead of behaving like cops - then why not just go back to IG and co?

Even more ironic how those people sit at home, racist parents, live on stolen land, the www being racist - but then they draw the line at alleged "fascist" content from leftists those everyone collectively needs to "ban"?

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We're clearly not fascists, or fascist sympathizers. We have been producing anarchist and anti-fascist media for decades, and don't feel the need to prove ourselves to a stranger on the Internet who has decided to misrepresent a single post by a single user on our platform, and then use that misrepresentation as a basis to smear and ban an instance with over 4.5K users.


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