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“Nature is not our enemy, to be raped and conquered. Nature is ourselves, to be cherished and explored.”
― Terence McKenna

I think everyone should take time out to question their gender and actively make that choice. Yes, even cis people. IMO, actively choosing the be cis should be encouraged, rather than just seen as the default.

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Communism is bad because it centralizes things. Also a lot of people’s Smart Thermostats aren’t working today because AWS went down.

i find it hilarious how so many people ive met irl think that capitalism is this great system that inspires work and productivity and then every single one of their dreams and fantasies is to participate in capitalism as little as possible

while i do enjoy there being a local only posting, i think a better feature would be "shows everywhere except federated"

Amazon hires spies from Pinkerton to help with union busting 

Motherboard reports that #Amazon has hired spies from the rather infamous #Pinkerton agency to assist in its #unionbusting activities. CEO Bezos' net worth is $200 billion

Justice Alito saying that temporarily cancelling in-person church meetings is a heretofor unheard of restriction on religious liberty is... counterfactual.

I guess he never heard of The Code Of Indian Offenses which punished the practice of native religions by whipping and restriction of food rations.

Fire to the racists!

Riots have broken out in cities across Brazil in response to the police murder of 40 year old Black man, João Alberto.

#BlackLivesMatter #racism #ACAB #1312

re: Coronavirus Daily Mail 

@whiskeysailor or known by it's shorthand name: Eugenics

A free and open source Uber alternative that doesn't take a cut.

in just the past couple of years:
- neolibs voted out in argentina
- pinochet constitution rewritten in chile
- socialist party sweeps elections in bolivia
- two right wing coup attempts repelled in venezuela
- now, mass demonstrations in guatemala

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the key thing for goyim to know is that hebrew was nearly a dead language, almost exclusively used in liturgical contexts, until zionists revived it

as compared to say, yiddish, which was a living and widely spoken language, whose use was deliberately discouraged by zionists

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france just passed a national security bill that allows them to charge people with a crime for posting any photo of police that makes an identifiable officer look bad, among other things

Rest in Power, Tamir Rice.

Say his name.

RT @[email protected]

Today marks the sixth anniversary of Tamir’s life being stolen by police.
He was 12 years old.

Rest in Power, Tamir Rice.


Politics Biden Garland 

The idea of Garland as head of Justice is worrisome. He is not a good choice. He was a bad choice for SCOTUS back in the day and should have never have been nominated to begin with

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