Do you use a web browser fingerprint randomizer?

Comments are very much welcome. can help getting more comments and votes and is very much appreciated.

@arh I use a canvas blocker and "User-Agent Switcher and Manager" Is there one you recommend?

@Seb3thehacker I currently use Chameleon but I'm seeking for comments on whether people see these plugins useful at all.


no, but after checking this site, i sure as hell want one -- where do i get the randomizer?

@goldcarrot I currently use Chameleon on my Firefox-based browser. It's on Firefox/Mozilla add-ons store.


I use tor, disable javascript, block 3rd party requests, delete cookies between sessions, I think these prevent a lot a fingerprinting?

@nurinoas it randomizes or changes your browser fingerprints such as browser name, fonts, screen resolution, operating system, and various other data.

@dpl I personally use Chameleon but many people prefer other ones such as "User Agent Switcher".


No, as I don't think randomisation is the way to go, as far as I can tell they still provide a unique profile and anything unique can be tracked or catalogued

I think the answer is to have a standardised 'opt out of fingerprinting' web browser fingerprint so everybody using it appears the same, like hiding in a crowd where everyone is wearing the same clothing, with very little to distinguish them.

But that would only work if enough users adopted its use. Or if a browser had a big enough user base to make it the default.

@arh not yet, but maybe I should start doing so

@arh I use Bromite which randomizes its fingerprint

@arh I use canvas blocker on Firefox, I think that user agent isn't that important, but JavaScript can fingerprint you the most. So I have JS disabled and just in case I enable it, canvas blocker will randomize my fingerprint

@arh additionally, this is a quote from CanvasBlocker FAQ:

"Having a unique fingerprint is fine as long as it changes. With the default settings of CanvasBlocker the fingerprint should change all the time. But also with other settings"

So if you test it on fingerprinting tests, you may obtain a bad score, but since it's changing all the time, it doesn't really matter

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