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Today I realized I'm more boomer than what I thought.

A software tester walks into a bar. 

Runs into a bar.

Crawls into a bar.

Dances into a bar.

Flies into a bar.

Jumps into a bar.

And orders:

a beer.

2 beers.

0 beers.

99999999 beers.

a lizard in a beer glass.

-1 beer.

"qwertyuiop" beers.

Testing complete.

A real customer walks into the bar and asks where the bathroom is.

The bar goes up in flames.

Remember folks, if you don't sin, then Jesus died for nothing.

Why do you use a messenger?

Please choose one and say your opinions.


By the way, only way you can have full control of your data and messenger is to use so you can host it yourself, run it as you wish, study it, distribute it, change/modify it, and distribute your changes, as well as having full control over every aspect of it.

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And even with all that, you're still not completely secure or private. Nothing is secure on internet. You can't trust anyone with your data and .

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Real security, real comes when YOU control the encryption keys, YOU control what is sent, YOU control your data, and YOU own the messenger; not any corporation or any organization whatsoever.

Every time people call capitalists of the Democratic Party, leftists, I feel I'm getting shot by a pig for no reason.

Today in 2011, the United States military ended its "don't ask, don't tell" policy, consequently allowing gay and lesbian people to serve openly.

Toomaj Salehi, Iranian rapper and artist was arrested few days ago because of his musics and protesting words.

That feeling when you enter the last digit of your 2FA code but it changes at last second and you have to enter the new code.

Today in 1893, New Zealand became the first country to introduce universal suffrage following the women's suffrage movement led by Kate Sheppard.

By the way I found why my code was working and I fixed the bug/feature. Now it works but for a different reason.

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