We are pleased to welcome Ulvesang into our family, especially regarding their social posts as of late in which they did not shy away from taking strong political positions in neofolk which pretty much has the same issues as black metal. There is not much to tell besides that if acoustic guitar and folk melodies is your kind of thing, you need to listen to this record!!!

⏯️ bit.ly/3FcZ7Mr

Did you love Final Dose's self-titled first demo? They're back with their first EP, "Dark Places", of the same brand of straightforward, in-your-face blackened punk, like a lovechild of Darkthrone and Garotos Podres. The guitars retain their buzzing edge, the vocals remain defiantly dirty, and there are still voice samplers sprinkled to quote people talking about how senseless and shitty modern society is.

⏯️ bit.ly/30nIxKA

After publishing their first single "What we aim for" on our channel, it is time to reveal the first Gravpel album. Gravpel stands alongside the oppressed of all kind : women, poc, queer, disabled ; and fights fascism as well as the state by any means necessary.
So, as Gravpel says : All power to the Filthy masses !

⏯️ bit.ly/3HgRPJv

It’s been some time since we uploaded any Dungeon Synth on the channel. Now we’re happy to premiere the new single of France’s Candlekeep. With “Ermits on the Crystal Road”, Candlekeep proves to be a versatile artist; the minimalist percussions we were used to are now way more complex and the use of cymbals is a nice addition to the project’s sound. The perfect soundtrack for your next RPG board games!

⏯️ bit.ly/3CcSnwi

One of the objectives we had when creating the Network was helping reveal new black metal bands that are outspokenly antifascist, and today we are proud to be the first on all the interwebs to feature music by Italian up-and-coming BM duo Nachtschwarz!

⏯️ bit.ly/2YH4Avp


Sludge lovers will have a field day today - Romania's VVVLV sound is so thick it's actually hard to wade through it, in the best way possible. Coming mostly from hardcore bands, their particular poison includes a healthy dose of crust and thoughtful, nuanced anarchist lyrics spread across '100 Years of Defeat'.

⏯️ bit.ly/3opaoCz

Bleak, melancholic, mid-tempo but also quite angry and aggressive at the same time as not to fall into the category of DSBM, A///Plague is for sure a good choice for any black metal listener that demands dark atmosphere at the forefront. We surely expect great things from this explicitly antifascist black metal duo in the future.

⏯️ bit.ly/30iWZUv

Today we present a split between Tower of Filargyria and Petrine Cross! Furious guitars, anguished screams, stomping percussion, raw production - all these trademarks of black metal are spread between both sides, as well as explicitly anticapitalist lyrics and themes. Highly disturbing and not for the faint of heart - just like we like it!

⏯️ bit.ly/3otKqOe

"The Fall of the Kingdom of Jerusalem" is breath-taking, period. It might well be Ayloss's best output so far, and brings a surprisingly pronounced folk edge. The anti-Orientalist lyrics show how jarred the Crusaders must have felt at having been allowed to walk away alive after being defeated by the "barbaric" Muslims led by Saladin. RABM has very few bands that occupy that sweet folk/"viking" spot!

⏯️ bit.ly/3jqnLkr

Two projects, one split. Catalonian dark ambient outfit Embodied Specter sounds distant - the synths and harsh vocals are very muffled, as if they were playing from inside the walls of an haunted house. The Ghost Gardener, from Turin, Italy, brings to mind cold natural vistas like those of classic Norwegian black metal - like the freezing woods outside the same haunted house, if you will. Listen with your lights out!

⏯️ bit.ly/3jqaqIT

Bring Forth the Exodus is a Black Metal band hailing from New Hampshire that released its first EP “Existential Exile” two weeks after the creation of the channel. It took us a while to discover their music but we clearly were not disappointed. Now they return with “Ritual II: Unbegotten”, a new single taken from their upcoming first album “Rituals from a Dying Forest” to be released on December first.

⏯️ bit.ly/3CbvwSq

We're excited to premiere on youtube the long-awaited debut full length album from Underdark, an English band from Nottingham that has outspokenly waved the banner of antifascism and anarchy since the very start. "Our Bodies Burned Bright On Re​-​Entry" is a strong document that Underdark are here to stay and have lots of things to offer to the burgeoning RABM scene.

⏯️ bit.ly/3CntfUF

A blend of freezing primitive black metal and plaintive melodies are what distinguish the split Wrekan/Pessimista "Knife and Noose", a title that describes the two different styles. On one side, the wrath and the desire to change the current state of things of whom wields a knife, on the other one the despair and the struggle of those who are condemned to witness every day "the world we created".

⏯️ bit.ly/3E0qmtc

Nature is often a theme in black metal, and today's upload, from Chilean one-person band Ecologist, follows this tradition brillianty. Though the band is located in the capital Santiago, this EP is actually about the Loncomilla river in the winery province of Maule, which has been abused and polluted over the years, and the anger about this is transparent on the lyrics and titles.

⏯️ bit.ly/3nl10zq

We have the honour of bringing you "Above the Tyrants", the next EP by the Canadian project Rampancy. As usual, this is raw, harsh black metal with elements of grindcore and death metal, but with brilliant, dark atmospheric elements. Outspokenly antifascist, extremely violent, very thoughtprovoking: all of these words apply to Rampancy's previous production, and all of them apply to "Above the Tyrants".

⏯️ bit.ly/3BeGVQs

Tumultuous Ruin is one of the first bands we uploaded on the channelso you can imagine how happy we are to feature their recent split with Eyn, a North Carolina based project that got out attention with "Apparitional Catharsis" featuring Laura Beach from Feminazgul. A beautiful collaboration!

⏯️ bit.ly/3jsXuBU

We have eagerly awaited "Herederos del Silencio", their first EP, and it does not disappoint at all: epic, serious black metal, with melody that at times comes close to melodeath such as Insomnium and lyrics about the Spanish Revolution. It's impressive, to say the least, and shows that Etxegiña is among the most promising newer black metal bands out there.

⏯️ bit.ly/3E8BNip

This time we shift to Blackgaze with “Automne”, a french solo project led by Non Merci, the guitarist of Post-Black Metal band HEIR and Coldwave band Candelabre. Much like its predecessor, “Rouge Sang, Rouge Feuille” is a 2 track and 12 mn EP. The difference between the two records might lie in the quality, loudness and roundness of the production, with a clearer influence from the Atmospheric Black Metal and Post-Punk genres.

⏯️ bit.ly/3oozSSk

We’d like to pay tribute to a queer artist: Toul en Ihuern. What might catch your attention is the use of lesser-known instruments like Oud or the Iranian Santur. “Shahmaran” is a perfect example of the song-writing skills of Toul en Ihuern. We heard an album is on its way and uploading “Me Oar” to the channel – something we should have done long ago – was the best way of celebrating such wonderful news!

⏯️ bit.ly/3l9AcT7

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