Excellent interview with the Ukrainian leftists supplying leftist Ukrainian fighters pushing back the
Russian invasion:

We are raising funds with Solidarity Collectives to equip leftist units with drones & comms gear to keep them safe & in the fight. Please contribute!

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@antifaintl what leftist units? They literally disbanded and hundreds of thousands in donations and equipment disappeared with them. Some of them literally went and joined fascist Belarusian units.

@antifaintl the “unit” in that photo literally does not exist anymore.

@hirchofillipi @antifaintl Do you have any sources for this? I'm not saying you're lying but I'd like to know what you're talking about 😅

@hirchofillipi @antifaintl That's just a photo of three dudes though, are there any sources beside a toot?

@hazelnot @antifaintl the source is the person saying it. That person is incredibly pro Ukrainian resistance. If they’re acknowledging the reality of it it’s definitely true. There’s nothing they would like more than that to not be true. Also I know people there who verified this. Furthermore you can go into the telegram channels. It’s all confirmed. That unit disbanded.

@hirchofillipi @antifaintl Fair, I guess. I don't know either you or that person, and like I said, I'm not saying you're lying, I just needed a bunch of evidence because it feels like the kind of thing that various groups might use as propaganda against anarchists, anti-fascists, and/or the Ukrainian resistance effort so I just wanna be super vigilant when it comes to this kind of topic

@hazelnot @antifaintl that’s fine but notice how there’s no communiques coming from them anymore. No interviews. No photos nothing. You can go look at their telegram.

@hirchofillipi @antifaintl I've never heard them and I don't really join Telegram groups 😅

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