The Alan Turing Institute gets it.
BTW, if you don't know who Alan Turing is, do yourself a favor & look him up right now!

@antifaintl Thanks for this - I’m trying to persuade my employer to do something similar, but the only examples I have are from SF conventions. This will give the suggestion a little more cred

@ghost_bird @antifaintl seen similar in some universities as far as I can remember, University of Leeds for sure

@ghost_bird @IngaLovinde @antifaintl I recently thought about designing stickers that indicate a gender-neutral bathroom, so that I can carry them around with me and just put them over "outdated" bathroom signs whenever I encounter one. 😇

@KAOS @IngaLovinde @antifaintl There was an American outfit that used to sell those. Probably worth doing a quick search and see if somewhere local to you is doing them

@ghost_bird @IngaLovinde @antifaintl I couldn't find any good ones, especially not in German, so I guess I need to search some more or create my own.

@KAOS @ghost_bird @antifaintl but also... when The Alan Turing Institute puts these signs from the first post on their segregated bathrooms in order to be inclusive (or show how inclusive they are), I can only think about how _not_ inclusive this is.
Better to make it so that there are no "right" or "wrong" bathrooms than to explain things to people who feel that someone is using the "wrong" bathroom while forcing everybody to choose between the two kinds.

@KAOS @ghost_bird @antifaintl they could have just made this sign say "this is a gender-neutral bathroom for everybody, it has / does not have urinals", and maybe _then_ educate people on rights and inclusivity.

@IngaLovinde @KAOS I suggest you take that up with the Turing Institute, tbh

@antifaintl Do they have separate bathrooms or a unisex one?

@antifaintl I like how infringement is framed from a conservative angle as taking away rights

@antifaintl if you don’t know who Alan Turing is how did you even find the fediverse

@antifaintl why even separate anyway, i mean the individual toilets are closed off already


@My1 @antifaintl and for everyone feeling uncomfortable with people standing to take a piss, put the urinals in an separate room and stick a giant "Urinal" sign (even better with an graphic) on the door.

or if it is already build and there is a former "mens" toilet with cabins and urinals in it, just put a sign about what is in the room on the door, too. extra points if you tell how many of what are there so people can guess how long they might have to wait.

@My1 @antifaintl This.

I have literally *never* been able to properly understand why it's even a debate. The way some people go on you'd swear they had a giant pisspot in each bathroom and everyone was forced to see each other taking a waz.


„✔ Carry on with your day“

I love it ^__^


@rastinza @antifaintl There are urinals for women, they stick out a lot more but are basically the same.

There's also handheld helpers, but I'm not sure if they are effective. Maybe takes practice.

@antifaintl oooh, so that's why the GC have been making weird homophobic tweets about Alan Turing

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