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(Tweet thread from Truth Writer @sheWhoRises)
I just saw someone punch a Nazi in the face. It was glorious.

The young man was moving his belongings into an apt and was carrying a gigantic picture of a red & white swastika into the building.

A 70-ish man came out of nowhere running at high speed and sucker punched him.
(timestamp 12:19pm Apr 18, 2020 10.8k retweets 116.8k likes)
The young guy fell over and his swastika picture got a hole in it. He was bleeding from his ear, as it was a side punch and VERY hard.

The old guy told him he was a "piece of Nazi scum shit" and literally walked slowly away without a fear in the world.
The young guy yelled, "If I didn't have a warrant out on me, I'd call the cops on your ass!"

The old man flipped him the bird and came back and spit on the swastika.

It all happened so fast. My phone was inside so I could not record.

@antifaintl Things like this are why I haven't lost all hope of a better world

@antifaintl The old man knew _exactly_ why he did it.
As a side remark: Interesting, that a nazi felt he couldn't call the cops because they would not help him, but rather be against him, too. We all know, what proportion of the population feels the same every day.

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