YPG veteran & anti-fascist Dan Baker is in jail b/c the FBI has railroaded him w/ terror charges b/c of facebook posts. The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund has sent something to make sure he's OK & lands back on his feet when he beats the BS case against him.
Full story & how to send him some support:

Make sure the Defence Fund is there for antifa in emergencies:

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@antifaintl If he thinks the people at the Capitol were fascists and not desperate lumpen being led by fascists he's simply stupid, and wrong. Ps. There's no such thing as an anarchist who believes in borders OR would be involved in any organization that collaborated with the US State Department and CIA. iow, YPG, Belarus etc. "Color Revolution" useful idiots v2. Here's some good advice regarding "solidarity". Deal with your OWN scumbags. It give others space to deal with THEIRS

@antifaintl Ps. "In late 2015, the YPG became part of the SDF," a Stare Department operation also hosting members of al-qaeda and al-nusra. So much for 'anarchists' and more proof Americans are impressed with boys and their metal dicks more than political analysis. "

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