@antifaintl oh jeez guess i shouldn't keep my antifa membership card in my wallet while travelling then.

@antifaintl considering that we're not an organization we don't have a clubhouse or we don't pay dues. Okay lol

@antifaintl i can't figure out why trump and his handlers would bother doing this. like, this is far harder to prove than membership in other organizations and most of the 'proof' wouldn't stand up in court. like, who could this /actually/ ban?

@tansyfeuilles The thing is US border cops have ENORMOUS leeway when it comes to preventing people from getting into the U.S. They don't have to prove anything, or demonstrate in court that they had a valid reason; they don't even have to tell someone why they aren't being allowed in the
U.S. So this actually carries a lot of weight to it.

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