Turning The Tide is one of the longest-running anti-fascist/leftist newspapers in America. Their latest issue: antiracist.org/ttt-vol-34-1-ja

The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund is helping to keep a RASH skinhead in Bogotá, Colombia safe after a far right paramilitary threatened to murder him. The story:
Support the Defence Fund: bit.ly/DefendAntifa

Wild interview with prisoner rights' advocate & former anti-fascist prisoner Jock Palfreeman about the far-right in Bulgaria:

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You can verify that this is the new account for Atlanta Antifascists by checking the announcement here:

...as well as the redirect here:

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(via working class history): On 11 January 1908, blacklisted US actor Lionel Stander was born. Most famous for playing the chauffeur in 1980s hit TV show Hart-to-Hart, Stander was a popular actor who helped organize the Screen Actors Guild, raised money for anti-fascists in Spain during the civil war of 1936-9 & campaigned against racist miscarriages of justice.

BROOKLYN REPORTBACK! Prospect Park antifascists introduced the neighbourhood to local Piss Boy Randy Ireland today by putting these posters up EVERYWHERE!

Anti-fascist & independent journalist Alissa Azar, who is facing bullshit criminal charges, now has a quality legal team defending her, thanks to The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund. Full story: intlantifadefence.wordpress.co

This is the time to provide real support & solidarity to other anti-fascists in trouble by making a contribution to the Defence Fund today: bit.ly/DefendAntifa

If your New Year's resolutions include supporting the antifascists bravely standing up to hatred in their communities, here's where to start: bit.ly/DefendAntifa

Announcing the 1st Antifa Shirt of the Month for 2022 - Copenhagen's Revolutionære Antifascister!
All proceeds from these shirts go directly to them.
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