Wheelchair protest in Portugal - each one has a note on the back saying "Be right back" or "Just getting something"

LAST DAY to pick up a Corvallis Antifascists t-shirt! All proceeds go to support their work keeping Corvallis fascist-free!

Support Corvallis Antifascists + pick up a rad t-shirt or hoodie:

ALERTA! ALERTA! LONDON ANTIFASCISTA! Come out to this talk by former antifascist prisoner Jock Palfreeman on Tuesday!

One week left to pick up September's Antifa Shirt of the Month! All proceeds go directly to Corvallis Antifascists. Get yours:

When Ukranian authorities tried to illegally deport Belrusian antifascists Alexey & Artur, they had to take it to court. The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund stepped in to help them in their fight. Full story:
Contribute to the Defence Fund: bit.ly/DefendAntifa

STRASBOURG REPORTBACK! Big antifa weekend w/ Action Antifasciste Strasbourg hosting crews from Paris, Lyon, Frankfurt, Cologne, Mainz, & Basel.


After the 2020 uprising in Belarus, four antifa in Minsk received lengthy prison sentences for standing up to the dictator there. The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund has sent funds to help pay their legal costs & support their families.
Full story:
Help ensure the Defence Fund is there to help antifascists in emergency by making a contribution today: bit.ly/DefendAntifa

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