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This was inspired by the riots in Mexico. Anarchist women tagged across the streets โ€œmachete al machoteโ€ โ€” so I went after ICE agents on this one. โ€œLa migraโ€ means ICE.

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I recreated this autonomous street artwork from Chile. This original piece is a photo. I added the โ€œNo cops - no machosโ€ because all these ANTIFA men and people in general are forgetting that we havenโ€™t abolished the patriarchy yet.

Se llevaron a 3 personas detenidas en el funeral de nuestro compaรฑero Deli. La yuta qlia no tiene ni respeto por el luto. Ese es el nivel de represiรณn, ya ni podemos despedir a nuestres compas.

In Russia, anarchist youths are arrested for putting up posters about political prisoners, planning event to feed the homeless, and making jokes about Minecraft.

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On #ThisIsAmerica: over a month of #StopLine3 actions across the midwest + beyond, spreading + continuing rent strikes, fierce abolitionist action from #Portland to #Brooklyn. Plus discussion on fascist turn at CPAC + elites obsession over 'culture war.'

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All power to the affinity groups 

If you've recently been radicalized, don't join some hierarchical organization that considers you a means to an end. You and your friends already constitute an affinity group capable of acting autonomously. Define your own objectives and fight.

They'll tell you that you need their leadership. No โ€” you need to find comrades you can learn with as equals, developing a shared analysis and the skills to act. Being someoneโ€˜s pawn wonโ€™t amount shit. Arm yourself!!

Tankies, genocide denialism, fear of violence 

I'm a bit, uh, terrified by how mainstream tankies are becoming. Whenever anyone mentions the Uyghur genocide or the fact that China is capitalist online they come out of the woodwork and start their harrassment campaigns.

There seem to be more and more of them and it's fucking terrifying cause if they take over the left again we're in for another century of purges from both the right and the """left""". How is this happening again? How are they gaining more traction than anarchists? Why is the side that only wants control more popular than the side that wants freedom for everyone?

Remember when I said that after Biden won everyone was going to pretend the border camps are fine becouse orange man gone.

If capitalism were really the most efficient way of meeting people's needs, we probably wouldn't be having so much trouble producing and distributing enough #COVID19 vaccines.

Of course, we also wouldn't be facing mass evictionsโ€”or widespread povertyโ€”or climate catastrophe.

Hey yall!
Guess what! I started a patreon page!

Over the next few months, I'm going to be working on a 2D hand animated short to submit to festivals. I will be posting updates on how that's going weekly, along with my other creations!

As a patron you'd see unique illustrations, sketches, & content and you also get goodies too! If you want to support a black artist and join me for an inside look on my art journey, come check it out! ๐Ÿ–ค

The US really thinks theyโ€™re the 1st ones to communicate with aliens when these colonizers couldnโ€™t even learn an indigenous language ๐Ÿ‘€... aliens are lowkey praying we abolish this nation cause the cosmos need to be protected ๐Ÿงฟ

BLACK PEOPLE (nonblack okay to boost): Let Us Be is our flagship initiative that provides a one-time $500 gift to 3 - 5 Black Liberationist change-makers each month. We begin accepting applications on the third Monday of every month, and decisions are made the following week.

Apply & get more info here! -->

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โ€œWhy Treating White Supremacy as Domestic Terrorism Wonโ€™t Work and How Not to Fall for Itโ€ by Nicole Nguyen & Yazan Zahzah with support from Muslim Justice League,  Assata's Daughters, #vigilantelove, Palastinian Youth Movement, and more!

boost this gfm for my friend Sunny, a Black Trans Autistic/Disabled community leaderโ€™s dadโ€”who is 60 years old 

This is the gfm of my awesome friend Sunny who is a community organizer, disability advocate, and great friend. For their 60 yr old dad.

White and non-black poc give reparations

Overheard conversation:
"Every time [person] posts something racist, I just roll my eyes and scroll past."
"Why don't you block her, baby?"
"Because sometimes she posts legitimately funny shit."

And that's it, folks. That's why white people are still fucking racist in 2021. Because we'll put a para-fucking-social relationship above opposing oppression.

In the midst of a nation-wide rebellion, in #Philadelphia people built barricades to defend encampments, while vacant homes were occupied. In September, the city handed over homes to 50 families. @PhlHousing gives a blow by blow of how it all went down.

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