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Dรกndole arte a la revoluciรณn y la revoluciรณn dรกndonos arte.

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This was inspired by the riots in Mexico. Anarchist women tagged across the streets โ€œmachete al machoteโ€ โ€” so I went after ICE agents on this one. โ€œLa migraโ€ means ICE.

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I recreated this autonomous street artwork from Chile. This original piece is a photo. I added the โ€œNo cops - no machosโ€ because all these ANTIFA men and people in general are forgetting that we havenโ€™t abolished the patriarchy yet.

Now that I've gotten a few followers, gonna boost again my mixtape <3

If you're interested in some lesbian, sex worker and anti-capitalist themed hip hop and would like to support a struggling trans woman of color rapper, then check out and buy or share my mixtape! Released a year and 3 months ago already, heres a bandcamp link:

For real - think about it. What would happen if in fact fascists start doing shootings? Who will you reach out to? Do your comrades know your family? Or is each affinity group just going to protect their affinity group bc โ€œx problem happened?โ€

I showed a zine to my sibling who has been a farmworker her whole life. She couldnโ€™t even understand any of it - how are we reaching to people like my sister instead of just writing for each other or those who hold degrees or those who went to community college to question what โ€œthe systemโ€ is???

Why are we canceling each other? Arenโ€™t we abolitionists?

Also why is the ROAR of the Bay not giving that platform to Black, Brown, & Indigenous NON-MEN people to speak our truth?

For example, AbolishICESF canceled I and my comrades because of our interpersonal connection to a comrade that we were unaware she had committed harm in the past. This group took it so far in canceling everyone who had a connection with this person and now all the people who actually care about showing up for each other have been canceled. I get to talk shit about this group bc itโ€™s pathetic that there isnโ€™t undocumented anarchists in this collective or correct me if Iโ€™m wrong?

I feel the role of paid informants is to use cancel culture and identity politics to completely break apart an affinity group / collectives OR we are behaving like cops with each other

How many affinity groups canceled each other in 2020? Cause thereโ€™s white supremacists / fascists organizing mass shootings. Perhaps that identity politics break up can be healed because WE NEED EACH OTHER.

Ever since I have observed DACA news always come when riots break out. Donโ€™t fall for the undocus that tell you โ€œvote for me because I canโ€™tโ€ - theyโ€™re either brainwashed or are the white Dreamers. This is why itโ€™s important we have programs for youth - what we tell youth shapes them. Imagine telling undocumented youth the US displaced them? Instead of telling them to assimilate?

when we occupied the Democratic Headquarters in D.C. and I pulled up with my โ€œfuck u USA you displaced I and my people thru NAFTAโ€ I got kicked out by all these Dreamers :) because they pulled up with the โ€œI am Americanโ€ shit.

Most of these famous Dreamers you see on IG went thru this assimilation project & thatโ€™s why rn they remain complicit with giving protection to the โ€œgood immigrantโ€

The Dreamer narrative tried to shove down my throat โ€œI am Amerikan tooโ€ - once the organization realized which youth hold degrees or are a political science major - youโ€™re basically chosen to be part of the UWD organization.

The Dreamer movement is being used to say why reform works and the Dreamers love it. I organized with United We Dream and these undocumented youth literally held class privilege in their native countries. I met Dreamers who came with a whole ass tourist visa but exploit the harsh stories of undocumented youth and parents who had to cross the โ€œillegalโ€ way.

Those DACA news always come around when Insurrection is around the corner.

- The arrest -This happened on Jan 6, NC -

โ€œThis is what my Gofundme is for. All this chaos for little old me. You would have thought me and my people were terrorist. Support my Gofundme so I can beat these fraudulent charges!!! They don't want me to stand up for my people unapologetically.โ€

(Via: Talib Atunde - The Fred Hampton Gun Club)

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โ€œSupport Talib Atundeโ€™s Legal Fund
gofundme link
His court date Feb 17 2021
I am calling for us to join forces to help one of our brothers who has been present on the frontline fighting for our people. Its time to support him by assisting with the funds for an adequate legal team. He will be tried in court soon for providing security in a PEACEFUL demonstration for black, white and brown people alike, in North Carolina, and needs our help !!!โ€œ

(Via Fred Hampton Gun Club)

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