I wasn’t born in the US empire. I can see how the citizenship of US born anarchists fucks up direct action energy. The values of individualism and achievement are heavily internalized because the US empire through an amerikan educational system maintains the empire.

I twisted this prayer. People believe Rosario didn’t exist but I believe she did. She hunted down carteles in Colombia after her best friend was murdered. Her prayer always stayed with me. And I added the antifa love on it. Stay safe out there comrades.

ANTIFA men aren’t talking loud enough about the patriarchy. If y’all aren’t doing healing workshops nor doing the labor to fund BIPOC women & femmes collectives - y’all ain’t shit. Because y’all need to reparation work. Yea that includes those raised closer to the patriarchy. We haven’t abolished the patriarchy.

Also read this and distribute.


The man who drove the truck which attacked the staffer's car is known for posting on social media about killing protesters with his car and fantasying about killing antifascists.

[:tw: tweets.newsbots.eu/IGD_News/st β€” #bot]

Resistencia: The Fight for the Aguan Valley | History Documentary | Reel Truth History

kolektiva.media/videos/watch/d #10

Is anyone trying to cuddle during this cuffing season before the collapse of society? Oakland only LOL.

I also want to say that ANTIFA men aren’t being loud enough on the patriarchy.

Xaratanga is one of my names. I’m Purepecha. As a hot illegal person I came into terms with my capacity so I’m just gonna write and do art.

Or wtf is happening??? I’m loosing my shit bc even in the undocumented community some of these liberals really want to say β€œgo vote” when we as undocumented can’t vote. That’s when I made the observation of the individualism and how it isolates you from the collective. Even in the undocumented community there’s intersectionality.

Imagine if we all dipped and just engaged in creating another world so then when Trump forcibly re-elects (or Biden he’s a facist too) himself we’ve already have more sustainable mutual aid and militancy strategies against fascism. So then these QTBIPOC liberals are gonna be scared af and we’re gonna be like β€œwe collectively told you so but here have some food and also do you have firearms?”

Imagine if we all anti fascists left IG or FB or whatever other platform and engage in just plotting with each other? Cause idk what the fuck is happening to QTBIPOC liberals with demanding people to vote when fascism is already here. Do we really want to continue investing time in educating them when they won’t give the space to learn and listen? This is definitely that individualism internalized in them. QTBIPOC liberals are disconnected from value of the collective. It’s the empire effect.

This is also my autonomous artwork πŸŒ™πŸ–€

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