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new anti-copaganda project based in the midwest of the so-called united states

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against this anti-Black, settler colonial, capitalist, patriarchal world

Urgent request by the United Liberation Movement For West Papua Interim President Benny Wenda in the aftermath of the torture and killing of the bros. Janius Bagau, Soni Bagau, and Justinus Bagau.

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Image 1:
Regional leaders must pay attention to what is taking place in West Papua.
Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands Forum: Indonesia is hiding behind
claims of ‘sovereignty’ to crush my people. This is not an ‘internal matter’, this is a
question of military occupation and colonialism. Our right to self-determination
under international law is bullet-proof. Indonesia has lost the moral, political and
legal argument, and has turned to the last thing it has left: brute violence. We need
urgent action to protect my people.

Benny Wenda
Interim President
ULMWP Provisional Government


Image 2:

The ULMWP Provisional Government demands that Indonesia immediately
allow the international community into West Papua to assist civilians affected
by military operations. In particular:

1) Indonesia must allow the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights into
West Papua to conduct an investigation into the human rights situation, in

accordance with the call of 83 international states;

2) Indonesia must invite the International Committee of the Red Cross into
West Papua. The Red Cross was banned from entering in 2009.


Image 3:

The Indonesian state is causing a renewed humanitarian crisis in West Papua.
Three young West Papuan men have been murdered by the Indonesian military in
Intan Jaya Regency, and hundreds of residents have now fled the area in fear.
Indonesia must allow the International Committee of the Red Cross and the UN
High Commissioner for Human Rights into West Papua urgently.

The three men, Janius Bagauwere, Justinus Bagau and Soni Bagau, were tortured
and killed on February 15 in a health centre where one of them was receiving
treatment after being shot in the arm by a soldier. Amnesty Indonesia has issued
an urgent statement of concern over the killings.


Image 4:

Fearing more acts of violence, at least 600 men, women and children have been
displaced by the military's actions, seeking shelter in a Catholic compound. They join
over 50,000 West Papuans internally displaced by Indonesian operations since
December 2018. Over 400 have died from a lack of medical treatment and supplies.
Indonesia is ethnically cleansing my people.

Those displaced by these operations will have no access to healthcare. They cannot
tend to their crops. The children cannot go to school. In the middle of a pandemic,
Indonesia continues to kill us West Papuans and force us from our homes by our
thousands. The Indonesian state has imposed martial law, using the Covid-19 crisis as
a cover to conduct military operations. As the West Papua Council of Churches, the four
Protestant denominations in our nation, put it in a statement on February 5, ‘The Land of
Papua has become a Military Operation Area.’


el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz is our #blackhistorymonth spotlight today, you may know him better as Malcolm X 💮 Malcolm X was a tireless advocate for Black liberation, Black separatism, and Black self-defense. He was also a Muslim minister, first associated with the Nation of Islam, then with his own Muslim Mosque, Inc 💮 Yesterday, on the 56th anniversary of his death, his family released evidence that he was assassinated by the NYPD and FBI. Previously, it has largely been blamed on the NOI.

Anarchist Library: **Nsambu Za Suekama - Not Fox, Not Wolf, But the Wildcat**

"Author: Nsambu Za SuekamaTitle: Not Fox, Not Wolf, But the WildcatDate: 2/21/2021Source: Retrieved at 2/21/2021 from “Democrats are for the poor, and Republicans are for the rich.” My pare…"

#anarchism #bot

very silly, please ignore 

wetware? more like wet, where?

tiqqun's obsessions with cybernetics is also latent white technoculture

Racial Fetishization and Colonial Trauma of Asian Women

"The United States Visiting Forces Agreement states that the United States government has the privilege to maintain jurisdiction of U.S. military personnel who commit crimes in the Philippines. Unless the crimes are 'of particular importance to the Philippines,' the U.S. can either refuse to detain their accused personnel, or prosecute them under U.S. jurisdiction."

Not Fox, Not Wolf, But the Wildcat

"We say that the poor, queer/trans, disabled, Black masses have no allies in the white/bourgeois power structure, even if the powerful is ‘melanated’ (or has been given an honorary ‘Black card’ by petit bourgeois skinfolk)."

#EatTheRich scums!


The culture of posing with wild animals on social media has led to an "explosion" of demand for such animals as pets. This demand is met in part by poaching - "devastating animal populations worldwide."


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if you want
the rioting to end

but won’t

systemic change

you don’t want
and peace

you want


help a black grandma get the rest she deserves! "She raised my sister and I when our parents could not and has just been an angel in my life. We lost my mom, her daughter, this year and it's been really hard on her. I'm asking for funds to help remodel her bedroom. She's been sleeping in a recliner in her living room for two years due to water damage and black mold in her room."

intra-lgbt racism, old news, vent 

At this point, it feels like an awful lot of white queer folks see the transness of Black people in their midst as merely an inconvenient obstacle to getting to act as racist as they want instead of a reason to show extra care and solidarity

People talk about "intra-community" queer issues all the time, but a ridiculous amount of the time I see a queer Black person criticize racism in queer spaces they get accused of transphobia or homophobia


Alt text. A plate of pasta labeled fettuccine alfredo. Alfredo Bonnano labeled Alfredo Bonnano. A mashup of pasta and Alfredo Bonnano's features labeled Fettuccine Alfredo Bonnano saying "By abolishing the ethic of pasta you enter the revolutionary noodle directly".

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