hey so who wants to unionize


@sidd_harth0_5h4h @angstyhonking no because, as an unemployed person you are also dependent on wages, as well as on the fact that those who give you work evaluate you and give you some, you are dependent on all those who evaluate work as work and determine for which work there are wages and for which there are not. you do work for which you are not paid, you are not paid fairly, you are a worker, even if you are told by bosses that you are not one, so that they give you nothing or too little pay for your activities. you are dependent on your life force and life time being worth something to some people, so unionize yourself.

@anthra @angstyhonking how? Also I’m not even doing anything, don’t even get out of bed or have food so :psyduck:

@angstyhonking this made me laugh so hard. I got my friend a job at the hospital I work at- first day he came in a ‘Join the Union’ face mask, and I was like that’s some commendable work Commrade

@witchmom im so glad lol and thats amazing hahahahha i would spend money on one of those in a second

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