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my first toot! hi everyone! i'm new here from instagram, i'm excited for a platform without unreal expectations/crazy algorithms.
i mostly do digital art and paint, and recently opened my own etsy! here's some fun prints i made recently :^)

bad stuff but idk how to cw this 

my psychiatrist just cancelled our appointment out of the blue and short-notice so this afternoon is just going to be ✨ me and my executive dysfunction ✨
fellow NDs, how do you deal with sudden change of plans?


✨ my name is claude, i'm 16.
πŸ’— i'm autistic, adhd, and mentally ill.
🌈 i'm a trans nb dude and i'm bi. i go by he/him.
🌀 i'm french and i have an alt where i toot in french : @anarclaude
✊ i'm a revolutionary ancom, intersectional feminist, generally speaking left of the left.
🐸 spins include philosophy, math, sociolinguistics, frogs, and probably the book i'm reading at the moment. expect loads of toots about that!

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