@igd_news @igd_news 5/ recently did which saw the simultaneous and sustained shutdown of ports, bridges, railways, highways, ferries, etc but hardly made a difference in the economy overall. Keeping in mind the power of tech (ddos etc), and central structures of power (servers, wallstreet) could be essential.

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@igd_news 4/ I think we put too much stock in traditional methods of economic disruption. Modern companies make a majority of their money by simply moving money in various ways, and though a massive general strike & physical blockading of movements of goods may cause some economic turmoil, the real action happens in the offices of wall street. If they believe the state will take back control of the situation, things may take a dip temporarily, but ultimately the juggernaut will continue. Canada

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@igd_news dynamics under a democratic wh. Will the right accept biden? The cops are a sitting army. We have already seen the forces they brought out for standing rock, which was every acronym in the book plus private mercenaries etc. All this to say, we should continue to evaluate and re-evaluate scenarios and try not to underestimate the role of training/organization/communication these groups have & can muster.

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@igd_news 2/
As contemporary examples... Germany, Italy, Spain etc as historical examples. The police have a force of approx 800,000 country wide, which is substantial considering their training and hours logged in active violent scenarios. Election night also seems to be a potential flashpoint which wasn't touched on enough imo, which may see deaths on both sides & may lead to more street battles regardless of what happens in the wh/statehouses. Which leads to what happens with right/left

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Just listened to the new @igd_news podcast. Thought it was super well done, but also downplays the role of the cops. On may 15th the cops were fairly restrained. They've been been pretty restrained in comparison to the rhetoric among their departments. As in, they haven't been using live ammunition and I don't think we should rule that out as a possibility, especially considering historical and contemporary examples of right militias + cops joining forces. Michael Reinhold + kenosha come to mind

Trump *puts proud boys on standby*
Sharps, Antifascists, Communists, Brown Berets:

Trump says "antifa is a dangerous radical group, and you better be careful with them, or they'll overthrow you in a few seconds"



Very insightful.. Leaked chat logs and massive doxx of Oregon 'patriot' militia groups. If you are going out in Portland on Saturday, read it. If you are going to be on comms etc, read it. If you want to know how they may be organizing in your city, read it. Read it.

2/2 Have an algorithm that flags specific words, even from memes. The more flagged words, the heavier the censorship. We will continue to experiment with posts to see if there are ways to fool it, like by using glitch effects, or different lettering. At the end of the day, we are very glad to have kolektiva, and will continue to try and get folks over here.

1/2 IG is stepping up their censorship. We first started noticing that hashtags were garnering less & less views months ago, but recently things have become more blatant. This post, for eg is still up, it's composed of 6 pictures, all anti cop, most with text. It's been up for 5 hours and has 15 likes. Nobody has seen it in their feeds, we have nearly 4,000 followers (3,840ish). To experiment we posted the pictures one at a time, they all got a regular amount of interactions. Our guess is they..

if youre scrolling the local or federated tl and dont feel like youve got a good grasp on organizing security (or just havent had a chance to read this in a sec), make sure you read this little article on how to keep you and your friends safe :anarchoheart3: :anarchoheart3: :anarchoheart3:

Pretty fuckin grim that we have to share this, but these are the times we are living in.

A Demonstrator’s Guide to Responding to Gunshot Wounds


@AgainstAllAuthority Did you folks play at the original disrupt j20, in the park while the limo was burning?

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