@anarchistbicycleclub oh thank god I can finally get something which can run elden ring

@anarchistbicycleclub Alt text: Various Bulk RTX GPU's for sale

Various GPU's for sale - Scaling back on my mining 3050's, 3060's, 3060 ti's, 3070, 3070 ti's, 3080's, 3080 ti's, and 3090's.

Most are brand new in box and can include receipts for warranty purposes.

Feel free to reach out to inquire and make an offer.

I am generally looking at market price (the non-LHR's are more of a unicorn so looking at last sold ebay prices), but am open to hearing out offers.

@anarchistbicycleclub i've been telling myself i'll buy the next big awesome GPU amd kicks out since well before Vega shipped (2017).

excited to think it might happen! might actually be able to get onboard when the new chips start dropping. RDNA3 maybe!

@anarchistbicycleclub @gptreb The saddest short story: For sale. Gamer hardware. Never gamed.

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