This is fucking wild. The law this is about and the judge deciding it are like, operating on "series of tubes" level understandings of the internet. Under this law you could essentially post goatse on any large social media every minute and sue if you are banned.

Like, this is absurd. Freedom of association and disassociation is part and parcel of freedom of speech. I have no love for large tech companies or their moderation policies, but it's difficult to see this as anything but a huge reactionary attack on free speech.

Its important and necessary to critique the way that private companies like twitter, facebook, etc moderate and control speech without positing the solution as either government control or forced unmoderation.


The solution to censorship from large social media companies is not to attack moderation, which is the extension of freedom of association into the digital sphere. The solution is instead that we should come at these platforms for their centralization, monopolization, lack of interoperability, and control by the wealthy.

Even though at first glance these don't apply to the fediverse, there's no reason the same logic couldn't be extended. The 50 million user number is essentially arbitrary and could be amended later to any number of users.

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