Listening to a podcast: "come join us on our discord"

I will not

@anarchistbicycleclub "Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter, Subscribe on Youtube, ..."

I would prefer not to.

@anarchistbicycleclub I'm on matrix and mastodon and always provide them as primary options. But for non-explicitly Anarchist or foss projects, you have to go where the traction is. Getting noticed is hard enough when using the tools everyone already uses. :-/

@dbzer0 @anarchistbicycleclub Be aware that you're also locking people out by doing so. I gave in and tried to join Discord, but I couldn't without giving them a mobile phone number. I even contacted customer support, but nope, give phone number or heck off.

@owl @anarchistbicycleclub My matrix servers are bridged to discord. So for my projects, people can definitely interact with the discord crowd without giving a phone number

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