@samsamros do you know if anybody has claimed this act? just has a "self inflicted" quality to it IMO

@mrpieceofwork i dont know if anybody has claimed responsibility for this. It would be really intriguing if it were self inflicted. They would play victims and get support of other nasty people. Ill try to follow the news :polarbear:

@mrpieceofwork like, what is likelier: that anarchists do what we've always done and attack our oppressors, or that some conservatives burned and vandalized their own office because it *might* get them sympathy?

@anarchistbicycleclub I'm on the fence about it, I guess... it does look like it was very damaging, so yeah, who would do that to their own stuff? BUT, people have been outed "hurting themselves" for sympathy (FTR I DID see this first on a post saying it looked very Andy Ngo-ish, so I am biased that way) (I also despise A.N. ugh F that guy)

@mrpieceofwork andy ngo did get rightfully fucked up. he exaggerated his injuries but like...he did get his ass beat. false flag shit happens but like, its rare and shouldnt be the default, especially based on like, bad handstyle analysis

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