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I don't like using my real name on social so for this platform I'm Sorrel. I'm a trans person in my mid twenties, white, and currently living around Portland. I am all about bicycles, urban design, green anarchism, and ranged weaponry.

In the US i think the front line is a less effective model due to the general lack of offensive fighters. The front line in the US primarily focuses on defense, in contrast to elsewhere where it's coupled with stone nd petrol bomb throwers.

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The development of the "front line" practice internationally would be really interesting to trace and also critique

Another reason to trust your security to open source. The FBI ran a 'secure' messaging service as a sting operation for 3(!) Years

Found out last night that the creator of the Gardenburger built himself a fucking wild art deco mansion in SE Portland. Look at this interior design

Nonviolence fetishists are really totally insulated from a critique of their praxis on the grounds of effectiveness huh? How can you talk about changing policy and then pivot to an example of how years of protest got you nowhere.

You would've thought that the Summer 2020 uprising would have put in the grave the idea that we need to convert trumpists to our side. People had the cops on the back foot without them across huge swathes of the country

There is a clear PR push by police departments and their political the Democratic and Republican parties happening. They are trying to use the increase in 'crime' and shootings caused by the social disruption of the pandemic to discredit the uprising and solidify the position of police

Every detractor of the protests who blames Portland city government's elimination of the GVRT for the rise in shootings is admitting they don't know shit. The GVRT just did racism. It had a secret list of 'gang members' that you couldn't get off of, and oh, half of it's stops were of black people in a city that is less than 10% black.

Leftists saying we should try to get boog boys on our side is like Rosa luxemburg trying to convert the freikorps to communism

Thanks to the weird old dude in florida who built this frame and sold it to me for my fixie lifestyle @mastobikes

Please send me links to any and all videos of police getting jumped, beaten up, and otherwise attacked. I'm gonna make the ramallah - sleep AMV

The analyses of these city govts aren't even necessarily wrong. For their cities to continue to function as they have, the tourism dollars must flow. I feel like this has to do with the hollowing out of local or regional manufacturing. Unless the tourist city reorients itself away from the service/hospitality industries, the actual residents and city will continue to be subordinated to the city "brand"

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Portland city government is laser focused on improving the city for suburb dwellers and tourists, who don't live in the city. Meanwhile residents (who actually make the city what it is) are forgotten. I feel like this is the case in most major US cities.

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