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I don't like using my real name on social so for this platform I'm Sorrel. I'm a trans person in my mid twenties, white, and currently living around Portland. I am all about bicycles, urban design, green anarchism, and ranged weaponry.

Soulseek is OK for file sharing but it really only has music. Wish it had more movies & TV

"A hamster has been trading cryptocurrencies in a cage rigged to automatically buy and sell tokens since June - and it's currently outperforming the S&P 500"

🐹 :bitcoin:

This is funny on many levels.


But also i am reminded of this thing that Walidah Imarisha said during a talk about the Octavia's Brood collection, which is that all radical politics is speculative fiction

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I credit my recent shift to more technological oriented anarchism to The Star Fraction.

This is also a worthwhile episode of a pretty interesting podcast on crypto tech applications for management of a matter/energy economy. I think his view of the state and anarchism is wrong of course but it's interesting nonetheless

Whatever you think of C4SS, this isn't great news:

"The Center for a Stateless Society (C4SS), a left-wing market anarchist think tank and media center, has had its 16-year-old PayPal accounts permanently disabled. "

My shirt for the straightedge powerviolence band 'Vaccine'got a lot funnier once the pandemic happened

If i was inclined to crypto speculation i would probably buy some today lol

Why not a DAO to manage a common treasury for use on different mutual aid projects - instead of the hodgepodge of crowdfunding platforms that are vulnerable to mass reports by reactionaries

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If I create some pre-built meshtastic devices with nice cases would people in Portland be interested in buying them for ~$50 (that's cost)?

It's a little pocket size radio, with a battery that lasts 9 years, and if the grid ever goes down (or just for fun), you can: turn it on, connect up your phone/computer, and chat with other people on the network with a range of miles.

I legit do not understand why one would buy an NFT at all.

Digital music, texts and images really show how the state engineers scarcity for capitalism. Music, texts, and images have effectively been post scarcity for like 20 years, and yet fines and other methods have recreated them as something you pay for.

Kinda love the buckminster fuller idea to build massive geodesics, raise the temp one degree, and get them floating

From the resolution:

"Let It Therefore Be Resolved that the Vermont AFL-CIO, being anti-fascist, recognize a
people’s right to self-defense;
Let It Further Be Resolved that the Vermont AFL-CIO directs our elected Union
leadership to defend our collective right to own firearms."

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