"Should the unemployed apply a little of the much vaunted self-help, that is, should he do in a small way, what the rich do daily with impunity on a grand scale, should he, in fact, steal, in order to live — the bourgeoisie will heap burning coals of “moral indignation” upon his head, and, with an austere visage, hand him over relentlessly in charge of the state, that in its prisons he may be fleeced the more effectively, i.e., cheaper. " - Johann Most

Edit of riot porn from the WTO set to '1999' by Charli xcx

21 years ago today, anarchists made a stunning debut at the demonstrations that shut down the summit of the World Trade Organization in Seattle.

Reporter: There are some people here… I don’t know who they are, they’re all dressed in black, they have black hoods on, and black flags… a flag with nothing on it.
Anchor: A flag with nothing on it?
Reporter: That’s right—it’s totally black.

The social movement doesn't need to tailor it's message to gain popular support, instead the force of the social movement gives itself social legitimacy and then popular support.

Hello Texas friends, we want to let you know about Doghead Division(formerly "Cult of the Doghead"), a fascist group actively trying to radicalize members of the police and the military.


Lmao Rene Herse named their newest tires after "Humptulips ridge"

controversial take but i prefer the plain black flag to the red and black or any other

People think that people wrote 'folks' as 'folx' as like, a weird performance of gender neutral language, but it's really that punks wrote 'punks' as 'punx' and then did the same thing to 'folks.'

Anarchists prepare for social revolution and use every means -- speech, writing, or deed, whichever is more to the point -- to accelerate revolutionary development.
-- Johann Most

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Transphobia, homophobia 

Bizarre to come across gay 'LGB' groups that want to shoot themselves in the foot by separating from us trans people. As if drilling down what a gay person is to some supposed 'biological reality' doesn't attack the fact that gay people thinking of ourselves as gay is a social experience, not a biological one.

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