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I don't like using my real name on social so for this platform I'm Sorrel. I'm a trans person in my mid twenties, white, and currently living around Portland. I am all about bicycles, urban design, green anarchism, and ranged weaponry.

the point of this video is ultimately to sell you expensive bike clothing, but its also a nice little interview with an old Rough Stuff Fellowship member, and worth a watch. @mastobikes

LMAO Gab got hacked. Get fucked nazi scum. DDoS has the leaked docs. cant fucking wait

Liked this graphic so I cleaned up some small errors that seemed to be from whatever original scan there was an undated it.

Might actually purchase or steal from a store the posthumous David Graeber book when it comes out

Socialist utopia where there's thousands of wildcat strikes a year, sure ok ML.

Amazing that we came up with a whole term and marketing push for "things you often carry in your pocket"

Idk why this is but ime there is a huge foamer/graffiti writer overlap

Constantly thinking about the exchange in Breaking the Spell where a liberal asks an anarchist by a dumpster fire if he's burning recyclables

Were there performative displays of working classness 100 years ago like how politicians do now. Did Herbert Hoover ever put on a hickory stripe shirt and roll up his sleeves like how all the politicians now put on a Carhartt? Woulda been funny if so

Gonna go down to the river, catch and filet some monads. Careful about eating tooany or you'll get PCB poisoning

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Not a fan of oogles, but their version of punk clothing is so much more practical than any other version of punk clothing except for the straightedge bro in camo shorts

Part of the likelihood of this is in the similarity of their "protect the children" rhetoric. Probably likely for a terfs to talk about adrenochrome and a qanoner to talk about trans people as sex traffickers within the year

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you can tell i used to have a tumblr because 80% of my posts are just like direct unflitered from my brain

was fucking around with audacity and minor threat samples earlier and making something as amazing as untrue in that seems........hard

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fucking wild that burial basically made all of untrue in the equivalent of audacity

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