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I don't like using my real name on social so for this platform I'm Sorrel. I'm a trans person in my mid twenties, white, and currently living around Portland. I am all about bicycles, urban design, green anarchism, and ranged weaponry.

#OtD 22 Jan 2018 legendary anarchist author Ursula K Le Guin died aged 88 in Portland, Oregon. An ardent feminist and advocate for diversity in literature and publishing, she won numerous awards for her work. We have made available some of her books here:

Decentralized infrastructuring is a different approach of coordinating things around the local needs and interests against and opposed to the coordination of central, probably non-local needs. That needs a different approach to empathy and asking/reflection of local themes and emergencies.

Props btw to everyone who did so much work promoting open source security tools to our team that you've made fascists not use these tools because they're antifa!

Last month, the world laughed as Patriot Front neo-Nazis were stranded in DC. While many blamed disorganization or being lost - a new anonymous antifascist report - corroborated by PFs own leaked footage, shows the real reason: mass antifascist sabotage.


While many claimed this was caused either by disorganization or simply being lost, a new anonymous antifascist report, which Patriot Front's own footage - leaked by @UR_Ninja - corroborates, shows that in-fact mass antifascist sabotage disabled the group's cars and vans.


It's alright guys, don't worry, Tommy Rousseau confirmed that the leaks weren't tech leaks.

For us, everything that seeks to destroy economic and political oppression, all that which serves to raise the moral and intellectual level of human beings, to give them the consciousness of their rights and of their forces and to persuade them to do their business by themselves, all that provokes hatred against oppression and love between people, brings us closer to our aim.
-- Errico Malatesta

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Ok according to some files in here, Patriot front like, keeps tabs on members weights and like, micromanages their diet and exercise. Bizarre, cultist behavior - exactly what I would expect from nazi losers

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My favorite part of the "decentralized finance" world is that every coin has basically the same fortunes as any other. (Tether and USDC excluded because those are just money printers to pump btc)

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