Your Optimism is Climate Denial:

Being optimistic about our chances of beating or mitigating the effects of the climate crisis is climate denial. Thinking green capitalism and a few solar farms is enough or that we can continue industrialism and the extraction that it necessitates as long as it is owned by the proletariat is climate denial. (1/3)

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@anarchist_environmentalist I understand the desire to be optimistic. After all, we’ve had people and groups striving for us to put them in power, from Democratic politicians to Marxists trying to get new members for their ‘revolutionary organization’, telling us for decades that if we all come together and make a few simple changes we can beat this. It was a lie. Especially at this point. (2/3)

@anarchist_environmentalist Climate realism is climate pessimism. It is recognizing that the crisis is already here and its only going to get worse and then preparing yourself and your community for the effects by working to be as independent from capital, industry, and the state as possible. It is attacking those responsible for ecocide and working towards resiliency. (3/3)

@anarchist_environmentalist There's critically important distinction in my book between optimism and pessimism, both of which are biases that distort perceptions of reality, and realism --- seeing things for what they are --- combined with hopefulness.

Any bias will ultimately trip you up, because it is, as the word implies, deviance from reality. And remember, reality is what remains when you stop believing in it / the drugs wear off.

A huge amount of "optimism" is in fact wishful thinking. And nothing ends more sadly than believing in things that simply are not and can never be true.

Realism gives a true perception. Problems, opportunities, mechanisms, and pathways are seen as they are. No perception or understanding is every completely accurate --- "all models are wrong, some models are useful" --- but you aim for a good and useful approximation.

Hope is not a bias but a motivator. It's not a false belief, but simply the motivation to get up again and keep trying. It's tempered by realism. Sometimes all you can hope for is a decent ending (I've watched people die of terminal conditions, and false beliefs really don't help in the end). Much of the time there's more than just that, at least for a while.

I'm agreeing with your message, though I'm expanding on it.

@anarchist_environmentalist @pixouls I disagree with this framing. It presumes “optimism” is predicated on “keeping things mostly as-is, with tweaks”, which I don’t think is accurate. When I talk about “optimism”, I’m talking about “we have a decent chance of avoiding societal collapse”. Maybe it’s a question of calibration. But equating optimism with denial only encourages pessimism, which encourages inaction.

Although even that optimism is taxed in the last ~6 months.

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