Anarchists and abolitionists should not be be pushing for arrests. It does not matter that they are our enemies. We cannot be against cops, prisons, and state violence only when it is convenient.

Consistency aside, expanding the powers of the police state is only going to cause increased violence towards black people, indigenous people, non-white people, and the unhoused in the long run. They will increasingly target antifascist protesters and anarchists as well.

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@anarchist_environmentalist what about calling for public flogging and/or execution? Or at least confiscation and redistribution of all assets and then exile or an exceptionally long term of community service. I've read a little anarchist criminology, but it always leaves me scratching my head about what to do with sociopaths like the Trump family...🤨

@glenneegee @anarchist_environmentalist I'm a fan of the rehabilitative education style the YPG/YPJ has developed to not execute ISIS fighters.

@ComradeZhaba @anarchist_environmentalist i really dig the sound of that, Comrade, and truly believe that is applicable in most situations... But billionaire sociopaths? i'm not convinced. Sometimes it's necessary to remove diseased animals from the herd. Thank you for your words. ✊🏼🤘🏼🖤

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@glenneegee @ComradeZhaba @anarchist_environmentalist imagine Trump trying to live his life with no power while everyone knows he's a grifter and no one wants to help him. He'd either take himself out intentionally or starve to death because no one will make him food.

The worst possible punishment for people like them is to have to live like a normal human.

IMHO anyway.

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@Hex @ComradeZhaba @anarchist_environmentalist right. So strip him and his family of their wealth and social status? i'm down with that...

@glenneegee @anarchist_environmentalist sounds like eugenics to me, I think I have trouble understanding why it would be necessary to kill a disarmed person

@ComradeZhaba @anarchist_environmentalist i understand eugenics, and i'm disgusted by the idea, but i'm not seeing the connection. i'm not advocating the killing of people who are deemed "inferior" or implementing a breeding program to chill genetically undesirable traits in order to improve the human race. i'm wondering what to do about people who have spent a lifetime oppressing and exploiting the rest of humanity for their own personal gain and for their egotistical, narcissistic pleasure.

@ComradeZhaba @anarchist_environmentalist People like the Trumps, or Kissenger, or Zuckerberg... They don't need traditional weapons to be "armed". They leverage their wealth as weapons and do as much if not more damage than a person with a gun. Death may not be the answer, but stripping them of their wealth and power and perhaps even making them pariahs, doesn't seem overly inhumane.

@glenneegee @anarchist_environmentalist I don't mean to sound snark when your answer was very well written but that is what I meant by disarm.

@ComradeZhaba @anarchist_environmentalist not snark at all. Cheers, Comrade. i appreciate you. ✊🏼🤘🏼🖤

@anarchist_environmentalist i'mma keep it real I really don't care what happens to these people. Because if I would have stormed the capital like that they would have put a billion bullets in me. So I don't care what happens to these people just like I don't care about the people who died during all of this either.


@anarchist_environmentalist I feel a lot of it is rhetorical coming from anarchists, like "hmm mighty suspicious the cops aren't brutalizing them like they do with us"

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@anarchist_environmentalist IMHO, just fucking ignore them. Them getting arrested doesn't help us in the long run, but them being out doesn't help us in the short run. I don't really have any empathy left for them right now... Ignore what happens to them and work on building the future that makes their fascist dreams impossible.

We have actual comrades in prison who need support. Let's spend effort caring about them.

@anarchist_environmentalist it's a big problem right now, that most of us don't have social connections strong enough to feel protected by our own community. we need to be the change that will bring us copless future, and what you wrote is a significant, though difficult, part of this

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