Anarchy should be less about adjectives and more about values. I don’t care about whether you’re an anarcho-communist, a green anarchist, an anarcha-feminist, a social ecologist, or any other flavor of anarchist. I care if you value mutual aid. I care if you value direct action. I care if you are committed to decentralized organizing, autonomy, and equality. I care about your personal values not what bisected flag you like most.

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@anarchist_environmentalist Agreed, except for so called anarcho-capitalists and national-anarchists (both are an oxymoron).

@anarchist_environmentalist This is something that I think a lot of people miss out on.

If I think someone's values are reprehensible, I don't care if they call themselves the right flavor of anarchist. If someone tells me to support someone blindly because they are deserving of my support solely by fact of them calling themselves an anarchist, I'll tell them to truly, honestly, get fucked.

I'll support people whose values align with mine regardless of whether they call themselves an anarchist or not. I'd prefer someone who was honest with themselves about what they want out of the world than someone who figured out that calling themselves an anarchist gets them attention from leftists.

@Anarkat @anarchist_environmentalist
Quite right.

I would actually go sideways: I don't care if they call themselves having the right values.

I dont support values, i support action.

Who cares if someone's values align with any action as long as the action seems right according to my values.

Values is like identity, self-referencing it is enough (as "we" is defined as the people who are recognizing each other in that "we").

Lets give a shit about other actions not about others values

@anarchist_environmentalist somewhat ironically i think what anarchism needs most is examples of working structures of anarchy

unconsidered brain-farts 

@anarchist_environmentalist anarchy is not the absence of structure, but more a dis-allegiance to structure. at any point a willingness to let each other walk away from structures, take their own pieces of the structure & redefine them at will


Adjectives and silly flags are the only way capitalists are able to divide us. And they are doing that just right. Instead of understanding what is anarchism and acting toward it, letting their actions define what subcategories they belong to, newcomers are confused and spend more time considering in which category they fit.


i care that people are committed to participating in the systems that sustain them.

i find issue with the popular ideology that suggests revolutionary change will come as imposed by the authoritative government by demand from the masses, as if our screaming loud and together enough will have an effect on our own consumerist practices

we need to produce our own livelihoods, and stop importing them

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