Decolonization needs to be centered by anarchists. Not only is colonialism one of the most damaging hierarchies to humans, it is also one of the most damaging to our planet. On top of that, indigenous people are stewards of the vast majority of the planet’s biodiversity while only occupying 5% of the land. Decolonization and land back are necessary for an ecologically sound future.

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@anarchist_environmentalist this 100%!!! Radical ecology includes the return of land stewardship in the Americas and all over, the erasure of colonial influence thru decolonization with the recentering of Indigenous ppls in societal perspective thru indigenization of society's spaces.

I know abt what efforts ppl are making within colonial constructs today to decolonize and indigenize. Idk much abt how this would be done in an anarchist sense, but if you have specific ideas please share :)


While I am generically in agreement with the sentiment, I have to ask: how does a people become indigenous? As far as I can tell, humans are only indigenous to a sub-portion of Africa.

Taking a narrow look at most locations the people we view as aboriginal are discovered to merely be the last in waves of invasive cultures dominated by a current 'colonialist' culture, or even one of many distinct cultures, like layers in sedimentary cultural stone.

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