Anarchist activism can be exhausting. Fighting for the complete abolition of the way society is structured is a daunting task and can easily lead to burnout. We need lifelong fights against hierarchy not burned out anarchists so remember to take time to do things you love and enjoy. Live like you are already free.

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@anarchist_environmentalist This is such important advice. I think almost all activists experience burnout even if we practice resilience because the state is a ferocious enemy, but even just having a plan for being burned out and recovering is important at the outset of any project. Trying to understand the feelings you get prior to burnout and give yourself time no matter what pressures other people try to place on you. These are under-rated skills, but totally necessary to prolong activism

@free_appalachia I completely agree. Burnout is the worst, very hard to recover from without help. I think a good support system is the best way to recover and prevent it.

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I like this conversation! And agree, but I also want to throw this bit out there, which is something I've been thinking for a long while (considering how often it's discussed in my line of work): Resilience, when/if necessary, needs to be paired with many other community-based practices around mental/emotional health.

One of the things I've noticed both in my anarchist circles and schools is that people get burnt out by "trying to be resilient" without having a community space that practices care (which I feel is largely because the 'care work' in both spaces often falls on certain people, which isn't even entirely intentional -- this is something that needs to be addressed, too).

Having to be individually resilient is taxing; not having a space for community care makes it worse. I think more spaces need to be conscious of what can lead to burnout and how to care for others to both prevent it and provide space for people who want help while going through it.

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