I’m really starting to consider moving from instagram and on to something else, like zines maybe. The strawmanning of anything that isn’t explicitly ancom on that app is insane.

@anarchist_environmentalist This is the ecofascism that will be a threat in the coming years and we need to prepare ways to resist it. We are crabs in a boiling pot, as the rich try to escape by stepping on top of us, pull them back down so they can enjoy the sauna too. (6/6)

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@anarchist_environmentalist We can already see this happening. Wealthy nations are already hoarding resources, thats how they got wealthy in the first place. They are already letting poor people die in the global south and in their own nations. Rich dudes are literally building private space ships as the climate worsens, could they take the metaphor anymore literally? (5/6)

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@anarchist_environmentalist Their argument was that these wealthy nations should hoard resources and use authoritarian measures to distribute them to only a select few groups of people in their nations and let the rest of the world fall victim to the crisis. Basically, save all the rich people and let the poors die, especially those from the global south. Linkola also advocated for dictatorships to enact these measures. (4/6)

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@anarchist_environmentalist Lifeboat ethics was created by Garrett Hardin, an American ecologist and white nationalist, and expanded on by Pentti Linkola, a Finnish ecologist and ecofascist. It is, in my mind, the most likely way that the US, wealthy European governments, Canada, Australia, etc… will use the climate crisis as an excuse for increased fascism. (3/6)

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@anarchist_environmentalist Lifeboat ethics is based on a metaphor of a ship sinking with only one lifeboat. Once that lifeboat is full, letting on more people would sink the boat, killing them all instead of just the ones still in the water. The collapsing climate is the sinking ship, wealthy (white) nations are the lifeboats, and the people stranded in the water are the poor in this metaphor. (2/6)

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The Coming Ecofascism:

While most ecofascists are simply regular fascists with a nature aesthetic, there is a certain strand of ecofascism that could plausibly be implemented by governments around the world as the effects of the climate crisis become more and more devastating, lifeboat ethics. (1/6)

Forgot to crosspost here for a bit, ill be posting a some of the ig posts i missed here today.

Ive decided to do the thread option for my IG reposts for accessibility while still including the photos in the first toot. Seemed like the best of both worlds. If there are more than 4 slides on a post ill add them to the following toots.

@anarchist_environmentalist Climate realism is climate pessimism. It is recognizing that the crisis is already here and its only going to get worse and then preparing yourself and your community for the effects by working to be as independent from capital, industry, and the state as possible. It is attacking those responsible for ecocide and working towards resiliency. (3/3)

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@anarchist_environmentalist I understand the desire to be optimistic. After all, we’ve had people and groups striving for us to put them in power, from Democratic politicians to Marxists trying to get new members for their ‘revolutionary organization’, telling us for decades that if we all come together and make a few simple changes we can beat this. It was a lie. Especially at this point. (2/3)

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Your Optimism is Climate Denial:

Being optimistic about our chances of beating or mitigating the effects of the climate crisis is climate denial. Thinking green capitalism and a few solar farms is enough or that we can continue industrialism and the extraction that it necessitates as long as it is owned by the proletariat is climate denial. (1/3)

I posted two of my IG posts here today, one as a thread and one as photos, do y’all have a preference either way?

@anarchist_environmentalist My advice to you, and to myself, is to find joy wherever you can. You can find joy in the destruction of the infrastructure of ecocide or by working to make your community as resilient to the crisis and as non-reliant on industry, capital, and the state as possible. We can find joy by simply spending time in local ecosystems or with friends and family. (3/3)

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@anarchist_environmentalist This often leaves me depressed, as I’m sure it leaves many of you, about the state of the climate and the exponentially increasing rate of ecologically related catastrophe. To combat this I have been trying to find joy in the midst of the collapse. This is far from something I am excelling at but it is something I am working towards. (2/3)

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Industrial civilization will collapse under the ecological catastrophe it caused, with possible exceptions in the few areas less or even positively affected by the climate crisis. I also don’t put a lot of hope in personally surviving industrial collapse and ever seeing the Earth and its ecosystems begin to heal from the scars of industry. (1/3)

Fuck the 4th. I hate America and the day it was founded. That’s it. That’s the whole post.

After the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster, wild boars from the surrounding mountains and escaped domestic pigs crossbred and took over the abandoned cities and towns. They have become extremely aggressive and have attacked humans attempting to return. You can read more here:


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