The FBI is visiting leftists/anarchists across the country, claiming they're trying to 'help prevent violence' and their targets 'aren't in trouble.'

*Never talk to the feds or cops. Ever.*

Nothing you say will help you or your comrades. Don't even talk to them about your enemies. They'll know you're a rat who is willing to talk and they'll come back to you for more, as often as they want.

Fuck the feds. Fuck state repression. Fuck the state.

@anarchist_environmentalist Please remember anarchism is about maximizing both our collective wellbeing and each of our individual freedom. If you aren’t spending enough time doing the things you love and enjoy please try to fit them into your day. It isn’t selfish to spend some time on yourself, its the anarchist thing to do. (2 of 2)

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Anarchism often means going between feelings of great hope for the future we aim to create and despair about the present reality and the probability of our success. This can take a toll and can lead to us overworking while fighting for the collective good while neglecting our own needs. (1 of 2)

Why We Need Real Anarchy

Politicians have come together across the aisle to decry the storming of the Capitol on January 6 as “lawless,” “anti-democratic,” and “extremist,” going so far as to misrepresent the result as “anarchy.” The problem with the invasion of the Capitol was not that it was unlawful, undemocratic, or extremist, per se, but that it was an effort to concentrate oppressive power in the hands of an autocrat—which is precisely the opposite of anarchy.

Direct action, militant tactics, and a critique of electoral politics will remain essential to movements against fascism and state violence. We must not let the far right gentrify revolt, nor permit centrists to confuse the issue.

In the wake of January 6th we have learned a lot about the current anarchist movement. Many self described anarchists are less revolutionary than previously thought and when push came to shove, they sided with cops and the state. This isn’t a time where we can afford to compromise on our values. I believe we need to place a greater emphasis on education, outreach, and radicalization because our numbers aren’t as big as we thought.

As always, increased censorship online will harm leftists and anarchists more than fascists. They will symbolically take down a few high profile fascist accounts but after that they will more or less be left alone. Leftist and anarchist accounts on the other hand will be purged left and right. Censorship never works in our favor.

There is a difference between recognizing and respecting anarchic values and traditions in indigenous cultures and tokenizing those cultures by placing unwanted labels on them. Rejecting the Eurocentric label of ‘anarchism’ while embracing anarchic values that evolved separately and predate European anarchy is valid.

Last summer police and prison abolition were launched into mainstream political conversation. It was being talked about outside of abolitionist and anarchist circles for the first time in recent memory and that was huge. Fast forward a few months later and and so called leftists with ‘ACAB’ in their bio are snitching to the feds and the stage is set for a part 2 to the Patriot Act. It is a sad sight especially after seeing the momentum from last summer.

Remember: it was the Democratic Party which clamped down and smashed the Occupy encampments, flooded the streets of Ferguson with tanks, and sent in the military to Standing Rock.


Anarchists and abolitionists should not be be pushing for arrests. It does not matter that they are our enemies. We cannot be against cops, prisons, and state violence only when it is convenient.

Consistency aside, expanding the powers of the police state is only going to cause increased violence towards black people, indigenous people, non-white people, and the unhoused in the long run. They will increasingly target antifascist protesters and anarchists as well.

Up now on Listen Left is Lorenzo Komboa’Ervin’s Anarchism & The Black Revolution

Still can't grasp how so many abolitionists are calling for people (who are on the opposite team politically) to be thrown in jail.

The media calling fascists anarchists was not a mistake yesterday. It was purposeful and deliberate. They will use this moment to target anarchists. This type of smear is as old as anarchism itself.

Finally made it onto mastadon! No surprise here, but it probably won't be long before our instagram is removed. We've had about 20 posts removed in the past 6 months for violating one rule or another. Looking forward to saying ACAB without it being taken down for 'bullying'. Please enjoy the last video we posted that got taken down (twice).

Theory is a product of the time and place in which it was made and cannot be unilaterally applied to every situation. We live in a fundamentally different world than Kropotkin, Bookchin, or Goldman. We need modern theory for modern problems. Our theory can and should be influenced by those that came before us but we should not copy and paste their theory and expect to have much success.

All cops are bastards but so are all politicians. Even the ‘progressive’ ones. They are still tools of neoliberalism, capital, and the state. They co-opt revolutionary language and use it to try to sell us on policies designed to lull the masses into complacency. Their ‘fights’ with the establishment are nothing more than annoyances. They do not truly threaten the status quo.

Overthrowing one state only to replace it with another is not revolutionary, it is reactionary. The state is an inherently oppressive system that consolidates power in the hands of a few, even if their rhetoric says otherwise. It cannot serve the masses, it forces the masses to serve it.

Minneapolis police killed Bayle Gelle's son, then raided his house in the middle of the night, terrorizing him, his wife, and their younger children.

Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi are complaining about graffiti on their houses. They don't know how poor people live in the USA.

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