We talked with Lauren Regan of the Civil Liberties Defense Center about the changing face of State repression and the push by the Center for a new 'War on Terror' in the wake of the far-Right attempted coup in DC. itsgoingdown.org/state-repress

The It's Going Down podcast just posted an episode they did on QAnon and conspiracy theories with Travis View from the QAnon Anonymous podcast.

It's pretty awesome!


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(5) The community here is still reeling, as many people try to rebuild amidst threats of further sweeps, and other members of City Council have been largely without a response.

Photos in this series were largely taken by Sattva Photo and Kai Rapa who each have documented this incident extensively.

(4) The Mayor and Police Chief were quick to hold a press briefing on Friday, justifying the violence of this action by citing fears of “violent agitators” coming from outside the city and “health risks” of possible Covid-19 outbreaks, however it is known that there is an ongoing outbreak within the Whatcom Sheriffs Department itself, and the myth of “outside agitators” is a known media fear tactic.

(3) The operations expense of this sweep was certainly immense, and offered nothing but militarized force. It’s impossible not to consider how this money could have been better spent to aid our homeless neighbors, rather than meet them and their supporters with brutality. For this we refer to the Defund BPD Campaign, which names an 11-point strategy to reallocate money from the police department to reduce violence and better aid our community health.

(2) It followed shortly from a unanimous decision by the city council to increase the police budget (already 1/3 of the city’s general fund) amidst citywide budget shortfalls, and demands from the community for housing and mental health services.

(1) On Thursday morning Bellingham Police Department coordinated a multi-department homeless encampment sweep with around 100 police, additionally including Whatcom County Sheriffs, WA State Troopers, and federal Border Patrol agents. The 100-tent encampment had been established on the City Hall and Public Library lawns and the sweep came a day earlier than had been announced. This plan was organized by BPD and approved by executive order of Bellingham Mayor, Seth Fleetwood.

One of anarchism’s greatest strengths is its adaptability. Anarchist principles can be applied in almost infinite ways and each community can use those principles in ways that best fit their material reality. It allows groups and individuals to craft their own freedom instead of having a reality imposed on them by a vanguard and then be told that its freedom.

We’re now carrying work from the rad UK-based publisher, Dog Section Press, with copies of each of their books being added to our permanent collection and some titles additionally available from our store 😁

If a paternalistic force can "take away your freedom" then it's not really freedom is it? It's privilege at best.
- @anarcho_anon

We must hold onto the lessons of the 2020 actions in support of Black lives, namely that the carceral system within racialized capitalism will always disproportionately target the most marginalized amongst us. We must be working here and now to support other solutions, and cannot be baited to call for incarceration when it momentarily focuses on our enemies, because we know it will again shift it’s gaze back to us.

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“Imagine supporting the architect of mass incarceration and elevating him to the head of the most powerful anti-Black nation in the world while pretending to support Black lives?” - caption and image from @radical.seattle

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Rally in Olympia, WA on Sunday to resist fascism! There will be a bunch of rad artists and performers doing their thing ~

We're a volunteer-run media collective focused on art books, radical culture, and independent media.

We maintain a lending library, community publication studio, and storefront in Bellingham, WA, on territory traditionally cared for by the Lummi and Nooksack people.

We are located at 1309 Billy Frank Junior St. and are open to visitors:

There is a Coup attempt is progress in Washington, DC. It would be surprising if it stays confined to DC. Time to link up with your affinity groups and trusted friends to be able protect our communities.

We're maintaining the same hours through January and are taking requests for no-contact checkouts, and allowing a couple folks to browse at a time. More info on our website: www.altlib.org

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