I had my folks' dog overnight so I could take her to a morning vet visit, and when I walked her to my pocket park in the early AM, I discovered that there's a specific #MutualAid group affiliated with my neighborhood, aka #Greenwood #Seattle

All my ideologies put into candy heart greetings cards. 💕✨

I really do hate Valentine's day. These capitalist holidays suck so much! So I made my own version of valentine's day cards.

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Want to help with this SeaSol fight? Send some emails today to hello@pacificviewseattle.com, chris@pacificviewseattle.com, and keith@cicvaluation.com demanding they move manager Arnold Camp out of the Helene Apartments where he has been harassing a tenant for years!

More info on the fight here: www.slumlordwarning.com/SternDang

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seapol/action request 

The CEO of PCC is trying to get the mayor to exempt grocery workers from hazard pay, after stopping that benefit back in July for employees.

Please join the demand that PCC reinstate hazard pay for ALL essential workers in all PCC stores and publicly withdraw their request to the #Seattle Mayor and City Council.


Even in the cold, wet offseason, resourceful can always get the fire pit going by using just a titch of thermite.

“According to records recently released by the Seattle Police Department (SPD), a detective working for SPD signed up for and used facial recognition app Clearview AI, which appears to be in violation of the City of Seattle’s Surveillance Ordinance.”


#Seattle #Privacy

The ridiculous and unapologetically authoritarian concept of "anarchist jurisdictions" shows how liberal democracy is once again turning into fascism.

This concept might be challenged through the court for now, but this shows how close the country is to mask-off dictatorship. It also shows the inevitable opression and totalitarian tendency of the State.

Respect for those in Portland, Seattle and elsewhere who continue to fight against the racist, sexist and classist status quo. Solidarity forever!

#Trump #blm #BlackLivesMatter #Portland #Seattle #protest #AnarchistJurisdiction #authoritarianism


Reduce air travel? Fine. No kids? Great. Cut auto use? I can do that. Less meat? I'll work on it. Get rid of polyester? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. :(

How to request Bail Assistance in the Seattle Area :boost_ok: 

Do you know someone who has been #arrested and is being held in #jail on #bail in #Seattle? Good news: there's help available to get them out!

Here is the Northwest Community Bail Fund's Bail Assistance Request Form:

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Portland Mutual Aid and Disaster Relief info 

I just spent my morning before school putting this together, boost it like you mean it.


#PDX #PNW #BLM #MutualAid #Crowdfund

From #KingCounty Elections

"We hear you, King County! We're just as excited!

Ballots are mailed Wed., Oct.14.

If your ballot hasn't arrived by Mon., Oct.19, call us at 206-296-VOTE (8683).

Vote/return your ballot early! Ballot drop boxes open Thurs., Oct.15 - open 24/7 till Nov.3, 8p.m. sharp! #GOTV "

#Seattle #Vote



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