"Imagine if people fought for right to a free operating system as much as they fought for right to repair"

How about both, yes?

Yes, both.

@magsalin great points!

there's something in our drafts that's very much related to this: the sorry state of our public transpo. i wonder when will that be finished

something along these lines: deathbycar.info/


here's what I have in my list so far:

konpeito.media (lofi music)
(and other gemlog aggregators you might encounter along the way)

as for clients, I tried amfora and Lagrange, with strong preference towards the latter.

ssh tunnel question 

@theblacksquid re running your own mail server, have you checked with your ISP if they'd even allow it? i think there's a port that you need access to...? or did you figure it out already?

@magsalin a video game called Fallout has a playlist for nuclear armageddon, mostly propaganda songs from the Cold War. you might be into that. just look up "fallout playlist" in your favorite search engine and/or music streaming platform.

@bugs i like funky music, and gave this a listen. 👍 can confirm, funky

don't put software in things that don't need them.

don't buy things with software that don't need them

max stirner collabs with solarpunks to produce a YT channel called "In a Nutshell - Kurzgesagt"

The left/mutual aid/socialist/feminist spheres are in DESPERATE need for surveillance capitalism awareness. We cannot keep using the master's tools to dismantle the master's house. The tools are eventually used against our progress and our existence.


i've heard people praise eleventy.

i've seen people use blogit (pedantic.software/git/blogit/) that makes lightweight websites.

finally, a webdev i like, Roman Zolotarev, has shell-script SSG, called ssg. (rgz.ee/)

i have no experience using any these, though. i've only ever used Hugo, and i can see how it's bloated.


not exactly new to mastodon. we've had accts in other instances, but we rarely use them. toots -- and tweets -- can't fully contain our thoughts in some hundred characters.

we have a (leftist) blog for that. it's static, and mostly text, so it doesn't take too much bandwidth.

this mastodon acct shall serve to complement that blog, as its comment, feedback, update (etc) platform.

@breh thanks. everything good? got around setting this mastodon acct as a "commenting system" for my website

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