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📢📢 We are delighted to invite you all to our first event ‘Chalk it Out, Talk it Out’ in collaboration with friends @Harassment_NI and @safeinsoundni !!!

This event is open to everyone - so come and join us in The Sunflower to chalk it out and talk it out!! 💘💘💘

who will be this generation's Violet Gibson? Dlúthpháirtíocht le comrádaithe san Iodáil

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Police carrying out their purpose of protecting capitalist interests over working class interests. This disgrace should be shared far and wide. twitter.com/streetlinkbac/stat

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There's no future under capitalism. Working class people are left without housing, starving while the rich get richer out of the people's labour.
This is a class war and we won't stop fighting.

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Omg @jk_rowling thank you for your support in our traumatising, draining and difficult work across the island of Ireland to gain abortion rights.

Oh. You're not doing that at all? You're *targeting* Irish feminists?

Irish feminism is proudly trans inclusive and always will be.

With the call "Jin Jiyan Azadî" (“Women, Life, Freedom”), people in Europe are taking the streets to protest murder of Kurdish woman Jina Mahsa Amini by Iranian morality police & to call for a common struggle against patriarchal oppression ✊

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خطاب به آنارشیست‌ها در ایران:

اين نبرد مردم با حاكميت را می‌توان به آخرين نبرد تبديل کرد!

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Today’s protest against Islamist extremism in Iran. We oppose all kind of violence and state brutality! Our full support to all women around the world fighting against Patriarchy!!!

writers square is one of the few places in belfast city centre that our houseless friends can sit on a bench undisturbed but today peelers have cleared them out and enclosed the whole place so a pedo in an idiot hat can lord it over his lessers - may charlie join his mum quickly

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This year, Gardaí repressed & attacked us at Radical Pride; a group of marginalised and racialised queers; for opposing the corporatisation of pride & housing crisis.They used any laws against us to shut us down & you can be sure that would include Hate Crime Legislation too. twitter.com/merj_ireland/statu

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Another attack on trans in Peshawar. The murderous attack on Dolphin Ayan, Neena Khan and Hasina Khan, as a result of which the three transgenders and a car driver were seriously injured and shifted to the hospital. In last few years, more than 250 transgender were killed or 1/2

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Of course immigration detention and deportation never stopped as a mark of respect. twitter.com/PhoenixLawHR/statu

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Derry Anarchist Back Cross section as ever in the latest issue of Barricade Bulletin #19 @ainrialaithe @acrataireland @IWW_IWOC @Bristol_ABC @psn_ldn @BrightonABC @BelfastEnd @ABC_MOSCOW @phillyabc @abcnijmegen2 @AustinAnarchBC @PDXABC @la_abcf abcireland.wordpress.com/2022/

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People are going to die of cold this winter and you're cancelling strikes because of a 96 year old whose police and military have massacred workers across the planet.


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Chris Kaba is the one we should mourn today. The police state will never be satisfied and will always want more power to do racist violence. The queens death means nothing next to the murder of the oppressed by the cops

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