@68km cause curiosity and desire to make possibilities come to be?

@Kavelach thanks for the report, we'll get busy on a fix!

Hello fediverse.

On 11/10 we experienced hardware failure that took out servers offline for two days.

Some faulty memory corrupted our hard drive and it took quite some time to restore 1.5TB of memes!

If you can, send some 🌯💲 to our Bitcoin or Liberapay page to get better equipment

BTC: bc1qh32d2gen82fyq8jv0upt74s645s7p65tllwh88
Liberapay: en.liberapay.com/kolektiva/

In love and rage,

@Epoch if it ever happens again we'll put up a maintenance page with info sooner. But our collective will discuss other options as well

@anarchistbicycleclub Thank you for your patience and support! hope the offline world was not worth it at all so you can toot! toot! toot! jk <3

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That ks to the Kolektiva admins for getting the instance back up!

@Epoch after a long long downtime, busted RAM and bad SSDs. .... we're on our way bb!

@xinomilo We could go with neither and just run kolektiva without DDoS protection / but we've experienced attacks larger than our upstream bandwidth can handle, mitigation was difficult with a saturated router. With a limited sysadmin volunteer staff of one person who has a full time job, this seems untenable.

@xinomilo we understand the concern around cf decrypting the tls to then re-encrypt w/it's own tls cert. Deflect.ca does the same thing, the difference being deflect.ca is run by friendlies/comrades, but latency of 100 of ms on each request is really noticable and the quality of service would go way down, perhaps impacting adoption rate.

@xinomilo hey thanks for the concern. Can you provide a resource/link to where & how they do all those things? Yes, we have used deflect.ca before, but the latency was an issue - they don't have edge servers in our servers region. Our isp peers with cf and so it's a direct fiber connection between us and them. For the purposes of public social media cf seems acceptable. If we were hosting secure communication between two parties then we might not choose cf.

@whalefall@elekk.xyz @tansyfeuilles Hi again, not sure how 15 hours is over a day... We're likely in different time zones and I had to sleep and am about to start my work day. When I have a chance to review I will send a reply.

Why block collapsitarian.io? 

@Yujiri hey there. I'm not a moderator, but reasons are public and here kolektiva.social/about/more#un

Feel free to reach out to a moderator w/ any questions

⚠️🔧 Server Maintenance: kolektiva.social and kolektiva.media will be briefly unavailable. 🔧⚠️

➡️➡️➡️ From ~7pm PT to ~10pm PT we'll be offline.
We'll do our best to be quick, but we got to make some tweaks under the hood. Thank you everyone for your patience. :black_sparkling_heart:

Also: We're growing quick! If you'd like to donate ₿TC or U$D get in touch. We sure could use some SSD's

@makegodgayagain @philosopiss thank you for all you do! We'll make a post with links to donation options via: itsgoingdown.org/donate

And our bitcoin addr: 1HW1EHS9CevbEAHS8GkSXV7R6wZNSbuvhy

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I wrote a thing!

Thanks to Crimethinc for all the support on getting this out there.


Let me know what you all think!

@pramen @abcbelarus

Добро пожаловать, товарищи! welcome! All languages are welcome at @ kolektiva.social Although we're mostly english, spanish, and portuguese speakers. :anarchiststar:

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