@omni rereading your initial concern it was about awareness, and so to remedy: this can be made explicit in the about page. Also to assuage the core privacy concern we are working on fixing our tor hidden services config, to offer that option for the concerned.

@omni this is not to say the only way through or around this is with capital, gladly if my material conditions were upheld by communism, and I held stake in this project as an act of beautiful solidarity towards the destruction of all quantitative measure, then time would not be a thought.

Also open to exploring radical networking w/ other sysadmins to talk of possibilities and opportunities.

@omni so to drop CF and maintain uptime, foreseeably we would need funding to have a larger pipe than the largest DDoS we expect to see, funds for a full time admin, and retain legal counsel. I don't know if that's really an option or the best use of movement resources when there's people on here begging for food money.

Alternatively, of course, the fediverse experiences success and expands as an autonomous entity and kolektiva becomes decentered further.

@omni there's also the bureaucratic component of handling (questionable) legal requests. There's significant overhead sometimes and CF has historically mitigated a lot of the annoyance / time usurpation by providing a barrier & boiler plate responses.

I can't dedicate my time to that aspect because this project is unfunded and I have a paying job that consumes most of my time.

@omni I've administered other radical sites and seen a range of attacks. The more successful ones have saturated our bandwidth via UDP floods. >12GB/s was not uncommon.

@sc I'll check it out today and see if I see anything helpful.

@yelloehelmet @riotmuffin and thank you for the reply, honesty, and self-awareness! Super appreciated.

@yelloehelmet @riotmuffin perhaps it's not a question of permission as much as an introduction to a community and informing the collective of your intent, and ambitions. Sharing insight into your resource needs and direction is helpful since it's a volunteer effort based on free time, labor, and donated resources.

The concern with a free-for-all is resource depletion and less consideration for others.

I like to think of registration as a community building and engagement opportunity.


Thank you for your kind words and support! They did help me to start the process and was able to achieve an .onion domain, however login is inconsistent (sometimes works/sometimes doesn't).

... So progress but not success. Will update and announce publicly when everything checks out.

@crazy @wrong_shon We are looking into implementing a Tor hidden service .onion domain for those who want to be within movement community here and have true anonymity (while respecting our ToS).

@crazy @wrong_shon

Yes, kolektiva.social uses CF for DDoS protection.

I wonder what their technical rationale is and what they propose we do instead? We're open to movement options for DDoS protection, and also this subject has been thoroughly discussed within our collective. We've checked out deflect.ca but unfortunately the latency was very high and could degrade the user experience.

With mostly public content (toots) the risk/reward does seem to skew into it's acceptable.

@problemicist Sorry to hear that! You're always welcome at kolektiva as well.

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@ramonita @avad

Hey there, I never noticed tbh. However, I checked it out and was able to fix by "copying" them one by one. :abunhdhappyhop: :molotov: :anarchism: :black_sparkling_heart:

Thanks for the notice 🤘

@68km cause curiosity and desire to make possibilities come to be?

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