Hello fediverse.

On 11/10 we experienced hardware failure that took out servers offline for two days.

Some faulty memory corrupted our hard drive and it took quite some time to restore 1.5TB of memes!

If you can, send some 🌯💲 to our Bitcoin or Liberapay page to get better equipment

BTC: bc1qh32d2gen82fyq8jv0upt74s645s7p65tllwh88

In love and rage,

@admin after the outage I have an issue with images - none that are coming from outside work, and I can't upload any photo, since I get a 500 error :/

@Kavelach thanks for the report, we'll get busy on a fix!

@admin Now I can upload media, but I still don't get anything from outside our domain 😟
For example here the images load fine:
but on the feed they don't, my dev tools show 404 for all images

@admin I'm out right now, my mobile app shows images fine, but maybe it does something in the background to load the images, I'll look at it when I'm back home :)

@admin checked again from the web version and it works 🥰

@admin Thanks for working hard to restore those memes! Also for giving us Kolektiva and always keeping this instance running.

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