@admin @tansyfeuilles I'm gonna be honest, im disappointed that it's been over a day and nothing has been done beyond "consensus maybe". If things keep going like this I'm going to have to just accept that Kolektiva is not a safe place to federate with.


@whalefall @tansyfeuilles Hi again, not sure how 15 hours is over a day... We're likely in different time zones and I had to sleep and am about to start my work day. When I have a chance to review I will send a reply.

@admin @tansyfeuilles I understand time zones, fifteen hours is still a long time for even a few mods to not reach an actionable consensus. Assuming they aren't all in the same time zone as well.

@whalefall @admin @tansyfeuilles also. As another elekk admin.

I want your instance to do well, i told everyone to be kind and open and patient.

However, i have a concern about your protocols, or lack thereof. The fact that it's taken 2 full fedi pushbacks to get any reply at all is concerning. That your admins/mods don't know what they can do, what they can reply to.

Shitty people occur and we can't always stop them. We get it. But a lack of action and it always taking 2/3 days for anything to happen with loud outcries is very very concerning.

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