Both sides publish their own narrative, calling the others Nazis, even mass murderers. I don't believe that the invasion was unprovoked, and diplomacy was at all not tried.

Living in the west i get the pro-Urkaine narrative spoonfed to me by the media like it is vaccines. There were pro Ukraine ads on TV. While some Russian news outlets are blocked. Like there's no two sides to this story, this story has only one side, the west+Kiev side.


Re: Ukraine 

@abura My own view of the war is that it's mainly about Russia gaining at least one warm water port before Mr. Putin dies. (He's probably got cancer, and I've seen speculation among professional Kremlin-watchers that he may have survived a coup attempt in 2021.) Conclusively capturing a major port city on the Black Sea would cement his legacy within Russia as a champion for the good of his country—outsiders be damned. And it would be difficult to argue with that, given the way manually keeping the port of St. Petersburg from freezing solid over the winter sucks down money while the ice *still* throttles Russian capacity to move goods & raw materials.

Geography determines so much about where conflicts occur and how they play out, but the press pays it virtually no attention.

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